Winter treks in India


Brahmatal Trek 


Winter trips are always very special. Because it is seasonal, we have to wait for December and January and move to the top of our country.

In winters, the picturesque of white covered snow will come into picture of everyone’s thoughts. This goes on easily on the top of Himalayas, the best spot to spend winters. Himalayas is open for both experienced and beginners. If you are a novice on the Great Himalayan trek, make this as an opportunity to be more experienced. Definitely, the long trail will start from your first single step. First of all, you should be physically fit for a trek to snow peaks. On this top location, we have so many options to choose. 


On that list I preferred to suggest you the trek to Brahmatal, Lake of Lord Brahma. Some of Himalayan treks are favoured by the panoramic views they offer. For instance, the best view of snow bed is as far away as you see. Gaze on that majestic sight, ought to subjugate you entirely. Brahmatal has lovely snow covered pines and rhodo forests that look awesome during winters. The trek offers you plenty of places to freak out. The Roopkund Lake trek, the highest Mountain Trishul, Nanda Ghunti ect are some among the thousands of peaks in Himalayas. The base camp of Lohajung is the starting point to the great Brahmatal destination. It is sixteen km long and continues through the Bakaltal lake, another eye catching spot. The end of the trip takes you to a small hamlet named Wan. Brahmatal is the perfect angle to capture best photographs of beautiful streams, hushed hamlets and oak forests. 

The other option for winter trek is Nag Tibba.

Nag Tibba trek

An audacious journey will continue for a long time, approx two days to complete the 15 km trek. But, this is accessible for the beginners too. Unlike Nag Tibba trek, the eye-catching sight called Roopkund lake trek takes six to seven days effort needed to wind up. And the trek to Roopkund Lake, is also very enjoyable, also called in the name of Mystery Lake or Skeletons Lake. 


Next, I would like to tell you about the challenging spot and the major attraction at Rudraprayag, is Kedarnath.

Kedarnath Trek

The beautiful province of Uttarakhand, enshrined in the Garhwal region of Himalayas. The peak has the famous worship Shiva temple, named Kedarnath temple. The place welcomes you by evincing Gandhi Sarovar, Sonprayag, Vasuki Tal and so on.


Kashmir Great Lake

offers such remarkable precious moments, definitely. It is located 75km northeast of Srinagar span over six-seven days approx. And we get seven major valleys to cross hardly but exaggerating. Vishnu Sar and Kishnasar are the twin lakes and will be the best scenery in this world.  


Manali snow trek

I believe almost more than half percent of people have a plan for a Manali trip. Foremost option during winter season. The famous small hamlet named Kasol, commonly called Amsterdam of India, situated on the banks of Parvati river. Kasol is also the best place to visit. 


Indrahar pass trek

This 35 km long trek destination is 14,245 ft above sea level. This is located in the Dharamshala, a tourist town in Himachal Pradesh. The dream journey starts from Galu Devi temple in the village of Dharamkot.


Har ki dun trek 

A fantastic valley at Garhwal Himalayas in Uttarakhand, located near the capital city of  Dehradun. It takes a 56 km trek. It is connected with Baspa valley by the Borasu pass. The people there have ancient culture, get visuals of beautiful green meadows and streams.   


Apart from these listed, we have further options. But these are the main attractions you don’t want to miss. Don’t forget to carry winter jackets, trekking shoes, a shawl and a cap. Kids, old aged people and pregnant women should take more health care if you go here. Physical and mental capability is necessary for winter trekking. I am telling because it gets dangerous if you go closer to the altitude. Take a perfect plan and set out for a chilling adventure on any of these destinations.



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