There are jobs that everyone knows: doctor, lawyer, policeman… And there are jobs that very few people know. This is the case of the copywriter or otherwise called designer-copywriter or advertising copywriter. In this section, I will make you discover this wonderful job, much more complex than it seems.

The role of a copywriter

The job of copywriter generally encompasses several functions. He must first take note of all the requirements of the current campaign and then establish a plan to create the text or texts. His job therefore consists of designing and writing texts for advertising purposes.

The job of designer-copywriter has two components: design and writing. During the design stage, he must determine the concept on which the advertising campaign will focus. This is followed by the writing stage during which the copywriter will write the slogans as well as all the editorial content surrounding the advertising campaign.  If you do not know what copywriting is, do not worry, our online copywriting course helps you to learn about this. 

It can be simple missions such as writing e-mails (with the best newsletter tools), advertising messages on traditional media or even commercial link announcements (using AdWords for example). But he may also call upon to develop the textual content of complete websites. He has to find hard-hitting and fair formulas. He then removes from this drafting work several outlines that he submits to the creative director, who will decide on the most appropriate formula.


When his idea is validated, he follows the realization of the project in concert with the artistic director in order to harmonize his writings with the visual (format, layout of texts and images, typography …), in line with the message to be transmitted. He therefore controls the entire production process to prevent his initial idea from leaving feathers along the way.

The objectives of the copywriter

The main objective of the copywriter and therefore of copywriting is to capture the attention of the prospect and push him to action, for example to buy the product the advertising text promotes. When a company or an individual solicits the services of a copywriter, they seek above all to improve their conversion rate. That is, to convert the reader of the advertisement into a buyer.

To convert a prospect into a customer, the copywriter will have to highlight the product, the person or the activity that he is promoting in order to arouse the envy and convince the prospect.

Copywriting can be very profitable for companies who can thus hope for an increase in their turnover without having to invest large amounts as it would in research and innovation, for example to take over shares of the market.

We are all a bit of a copywriter in our hours

With the development of the digital age and the Web, the profession of copywriter is gradually becoming known and attracting more and more candidates. However, you should know that contrary to what we imagine or what we are being dangled, it is a demanding job that requires a host of skills. While the vast majority of individuals are certainly capable of writing a short text, few have a real talent for capturing a reader’s interest and prompting them to take action.

Despite this, almost all of us do copywriting without even realizing it to convince, sell, seduce. We use this technique when, for example, we write a cover letter and a curriculum vitae in response to a job offer, an ad to sell an apartment or an old car, a love note in a card, an invitation to friends to attend a birthday party, a note to his neighbor to ask him kindly to lower the volume of his sound system. If you want, we can provide you our writing services for your help in this field. 

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