Why does my video projector no longer turn on?

Have you planned to have a movie night using your video projector, but while preparing your device, you notice that it does not turn on without knowing why? Throughout this article, we will explain the different factors that can be the cause of this malfunction.

  1. A power problem
  2. The lamp is defective
  3. One of the components has burned out or is worn


How does a video projector work?

The 2 types of video projector

The video projector is a device designed to project a moving image or a still image sent from a computer or from a video signal which comes from a digital camera, a camcorder, a DVD player… This image is projected on a screen (large or small depending on the size you prefer and how you plan to use it), on an interactive whiteboard, or on a surface that should be clear, smooth and matte.

It can be used for professional purposes (to make a presentation in a meeting room, to project documents in a classroom…) or for private use (to watch a movie like at the cinema, for example).


How a projector works
How a projector works


Projectors are available in LCD or DLP version, each with its advantages and disadvantages.

  • The LCD works with an LCD matrix which will be crossed by the light of the lamp;
  • DLP returns the image thanks to a set of micro-mirrors on which the light from the lamp is reflected.

Did you know ?

To turn off your projector, you generally have to press the on / off button twice and then wait for the fan to stop completely before you can unplug it or move it. Failure to follow this procedure can seriously damage the lamp.

The important criteria of a video projector

To understand in more detail how a video projector works, you need to know the basic criteria of the device.

Definition : definition allows you to obtain good details when viewing your images. We often recommend choosing a definition equal to or greater than 720p to benefit from correct details. A resolution of 1080p or greater is preferable for viewing DVDs or Blu-Rays;

The level of brightness : The brighter the room where you install your video projector, the more powerful the lamp must be for the image to be visible. We measure this criterion in Lumens. The minimum “visible” is generally 2500 Lumens. The better the image quality and the more light, the more the Lumens value will increase.

The contrast ratio : this allows you to have a precise image and vivid colors with your video projector. Below 2000: 1, the brightness of the colors is less: you can see black turning to gray for example.

Practical information

If you want to use your video projector to play 3D content or a Blu-Ray, it must be 3D compatible because it is a feature that cannot be added after purchase.

Why does your video projector no longer turn on?

If your projector does not turn on and you do not even hear the noise of the fan when you try to turn it on… It sounds silly, but remember to check that you have correctly connected it and that you have correctly pressed the on / off button. After checking, if it still does not turn on, you can check the following:

A problem with the cord

Your power cord may no longer work because one of its components has burnt out or torn off. In this case, you can either repair the cord or buy a new one. The failure can also be from your outlet itself. To check it, plug another device in this place, if it does not turn on either, it is the socket.

The lamp is defective

In this case, your projector will not turn on at all or will stop working while in use. There may be several cases:

  • the lamp connector is not fully plugged in,
  • the usage count of the lamp has not been properly reset when a lamp change,
  • the ampe has toast
  • The bulb must be changed because it has reached the end of its life.


Finding fault of a projector
Finding fault of a projector


Did you know ?

The projector lamp is the part that wears out the most and needs to be changed the most often: it lasts from 2000 to 5000 hours depending on the model of your device.

Practical information

Suddenly moving your projector while it is in operation or when it is turning off can seriously damage the lamp.

One of the components is worn or broken

It could be a blown fuse that needs to be replaced, thermal protection failure, filter meter problem, short circuit... Only the after-sales service at your place of purchase can find the problem and carry out the appropriate repair.

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