What to Eat and What to Avoid After a Tooth Extraction

Most people tend to be confused regarding what they should eat, and what should they avoid once their tooth has been extracted.

Is it obvious that once your tooth gets extracted, things would likely be changed? 

You won’t feel your jaws be powerful anymore, and thus you won’t be able to enjoy the meal of your preference with ease.

Moreover, once you’re oral surgery has been done, you may be advised by your surgeon to go easy on food as your stitch present in your mouth tends to be fresh. 

If you apply any pressure on it, they may get unstitched, and therefore you might have to face some serious consequences.

With that being said, now comes the real issue, what should we eat and what should we avoid once our tooth gets extracted.

If you are one of those people, then look no more as we have got you covered in this regard.

The article is being down below to educate you regarding your problem, and will surely prove to be fruitful for you.

With that being said, on the off chances that you are looking for some extra information, then we would prefer you to visit Townsville Dental Practice once!

What to Eat After Tooth Extraction:

What to Eat After Tooth Extraction

According to the professionals, for the first 24 hours of your tooth extraction, you should only be dependent on liquids such as soft drinks, shakes, etc.

Once you feel confident that you now can chew food easily, then you can shift back to eat items that are easily chewable.

You need to make sure that the food you are going to intake should not require you to bite it with pressure as once your tooth gets extracted, the surgeon stitches up your wound.

If any pressure is applied on that stitches, then the wound may get open again, and which is sure you won’t like.

Hence, it’s preferred to eat easily chewable food like yogurts, pudding, cream, and other cool products, that not only fill up your empty stomach but also prove to make your wound cool and provide you with a profound experience.

It’s also referred to as intake chewable food that comes in handy with a lot of fiber.

And with that being said, after your tooth extraction, you can try eating mashed potatoes, scrambled eggs, oatmeal, and more stuff like that. 

What Not to Eat:

What Not to Eat

In general, according to the prescription of the doctors, the patients who have just gone oral surgery for their tooth, are recommended not to consume alcoholic beverages for at least 24 hours.

Moreover, according to the professionals, you should avoid including such a type of food in the diet that requires you to chew your food under pressure.

As stated above, pressure may cause your stitches to open up, and can cause serious consequences to you.

In addition to this, we would also recommend you to bound your limits, and don’t even meat as well.

However, if it’s extremely important for you to take your protein for the meats, then you can consume dairy products like milk, or something that is made with milk! 


While wrapping it all up, if you are afraid of the fact that how you would be able to eat once your tooth gets extracted, then there is nothing you should be afraid of.

Though you won’t be able to enjoy certain meals after your surgery, this would be only for a limited period. Once you get over that period, you would be back to your favorite meals!

However, to make your way through the precaution period, the information provided above can prove to be fruitful for you!

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