What is cosmetic damage from home insurance?

Getting the most out of our home insurance will depend on how aware we are about the coverage and guarantees that we have contracted. Many policyholders are unaware of the real scope of their policy, assuming repair costs that the insurance company could bear. In addition to legal defense, digital erasure or online will service, coverage known as cosmetic damage could also be included in your policy. From Allianz we explain how you can benefit from it if you need it.

As its name indicates, cosmetic damage in a housing policy corresponds to damage caused by a previous accident that affects the aesthetics of the content and the container. A fire, a broken pipe or leaks in the home are examples of claims that could cause alterations in the original characteristics of the residence.

It should be noted that for the insurance company to assume the damages, it will be essential that these have been the product of a previous contingency . Likewise, it will be necessary to make sure that, by default, the coverage is included in the conditions of your policy. Otherwise, you will have to add it. Although it is not a mandatory coverage, having it is a plus when it comes to dealing with expensive and complex repairs. At Allianz we are aware of this and that is why we include it in all our modalities of home insurance.

The best way to explain it is through an example that will surely be very familiar to you. For a moment imagine that as a result of a broken pipe your kitchen suffers collateral damage: a tile breaks or walls are damaged due to the need to chip them to solve the problem. If the cosmetic damage coverage is included in your policy, your insurance company will be in charge of solving the damage caused by water and the damage suffered in furniture or adjacent areas due to the repair itself.

Now, how does this coverage, sometimes known as aesthetic restoration, work? First, there are limits previously established in the policy . Thus, the arrangement, replacement or compensation of the elements altered and affected by the accident will be covered according to what is agreed in the contract. Home insurance that offers this type of coverage also includes the repair of cosmetic damage caused to the content. The tiles or bathroom furniture are some examples.

And, if the new color does not match the initial one or is it not possible to get the same tile or a very similar one? In case of not finding an identical or similar color or model, the cosmetic damage coverage will cover the replacement with totally new ones of similar qualities .

The conditions may vary between insurance companies, but in general terms we can say that the repair of aesthetic damages does not cover in the following situations:

  • Damages to third parties . In other words, the cosmetic damage coverage only guarantees the restoration of damages that have taken place inside the insured home. To remedy the damage caused to third parties, you will have to resort to civil liability coverage .
  • As for the aesthetic restoration of the continent , the repair of elements that are outside the house. Retaining walls, fences, facades and sports facilities, among others, are excluded from the coverage.
  • Neither are damage to elements covered by other guarantees such as broken glass, marble countertops or solar panel glass, considered aesthetic damage.
  • Scratches, scratches and any superficial flaw in the content that cause damage considered “non-functional” are not included in the cosmetic damage coverage .

If you need to recover the original appearance of any area of ​​your home after an accident has occurred, it is best that you have a home insurance that includes cosmetic damage coverage. If you don’t know where to start, get in touch with our advisors and solve all your doubts.

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