Top 4 Qualities of a Great Yoga Teacher

Yoga Teacher

It goes without a doubt that to master every yoga pose, you would need to learn under the guidance of an experienced and knowledgeable yoga teacher. A great yoga teacher is not just perfect at their own yoga practice but also helps their students realize their true potential with yoga. A yoga teacher must empower his or her students to help them lead a happy and meaningful life.

With that said, let us check out the four qualities which a yoga instructor must possess to be truly great in every sense of the word.

Qualities of a Great Yoga Teacher

1. Love For Yoga

To become a yoga teacher one has to fall in love with the sacred art. Moreover, unless the teacher is in love with yoga themselves they simply won’t be able to share its treasure of knowledge with the students. Your love of yoga also means having a deep respect and understanding of the different aspects of this ancient art apart from its physical practice.

Simply earning the yoga teacher training certification is not enough as you also need to complete sufficient hours in a yoga practice before teaching it to others. You as a teacher should possess considerable experience which will help you take every yoga class with confidence.

2. Desire to Help Others Grow

As a certified yoga trainer, you are way ahead of your students whether it is in yoga asanas, philosophy, meditation techniques, or human anatomy. You possess a great knowledge of the Sanskrit language but all this has value only if your students can understand it.

Students often feel inferior about having less yoga knowledge than the teacher. However, you as their yoga instructor should have compassion and understanding to help students move further in yoga practice. You have to feel connected to every student in the class and know their strength and weaknesses. The yoga schools for Americans have highly qualified teachers who help students realize their true potential with yoga.

3. Sensitive Towards Students

Being a yoga trainer you might possess complete knowledge of this sacred art but if you lack sensitivity towards the students in your class, then you are not a great yoga Instructor. You should be completely aware of how a student feels during yoga practice.

Moreover, if you understand the students in the yoga class then it becomes easier to organize your day to day yoga classes to help those having a hard time practicing a difficult yoga pose.

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4. Completely Authentic

Every yoga student must see the same personality in you especially since they are striving to be the same as you. When you display warmth and compassion towards a student, it helps them feel positive and gives them the confidence to perform each yoga asana with ease.


A yoga instructor has a lot to offer to their students apart from the physical practice of yoga asanas. You should look for the best yoga schools for Americans to find a yoga Instructor who is not just an expert in the yogic arts but also has carries the qualities resonating with a great yoga teacher.

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