Tips on Passing the AWS AXS-C01 Exam with AXS-C01 Dumps

The third of the three AWS Certified Basic Skills courses is called AWS AXS-C01. It is a practical test of skills learned in the first two AWS exams, the AWS Foundation Certification and the AWS Certified Advanced Skills Series. The format of this AWS Certification is to test previous skills learned and refresh existing ones. This course focuses on the topics of setting up an environment, troubleshooting, data migration, security, and use of APIs.


To prepare for the AWS AXS-C01 exam, you will need to register for both the AWS Professional Services and the AWS Certified Skills courses. There are also practice tests and workbook samples that you can refer to for helping with the technical aspects of the exams. A sample test is provided on the AWS website. Workbooks are also available for practice on AWS platform. AWS website also provides sample questions and answers along with detailed explanations of the questions.

AWS Certified Exam

For the AWS AXS-C01 exam, you have two types of question types: practical and conceptual. Practical questions are divided into two parts. In the first part, you will be asked to demonstrate your data processing skills using real examples. You are required to answer questions based on real usage cases. conceptual questions are similar to the familiar Venn diagram.


As for the conceptual questions, they are used to train you how to create models, create applications, manage your resources, understand caches and data stores, and analyze your data. The topics include designing a basic data store, creating a Kinesis application, understanding caches and how to use them, designing a data warehouse, and configuring your data pipeline. AWS will also ask you to describe how you would implement certain functions such as adding or removing shard. Scenarios are also a part of the exam that challenges you to develop various business scenarios and design different business processes.


During the practical portion of the AWS AXS-C01 exam, you will be given a set of tasks that you need to complete within a certain time frame. The test includes instructions, specifications, and user guides. Upon completing the exam, you will get a passing score based on your answers. You can purchase practice exams from AWS’s official site. You can also purchase study guides that contain multiple scenarios, problem worksheets, and templates.


On the other hand, the AWS AXS-C01 Exam Questions Virtual Lab is a good choice if you want to test your skills using visualizations. It is more focused on building real applications rather than just simple applications. You can purchase the lab and use it in the comfort of your own home. The virtual lab comes with fully-reduced physical and virtual machines, IP networking, servers, and more. The labs provide you with a detailed understanding of how AWS works and helps in developing new skills.


To make things more exciting, AWS offers three full days of training for the test. During the first day, you can take a practice test and analyze the results. For the second day, you will be paired with a real AWS customer and work with them one-on-one to get acquainted with real usage of AWS services. The third day gives you the chance to run the same test again with only minor changes to your application.


While the AWS AXS-C01 exams focus on the conceptual knowledge and application deployment skills, the real-world labs offer more practical training. The labs present live use cases and real-life problems to test your ability to respond to different situations. AWS also keeps the challenges coming as you progress through the AWS training courses. There are usually two kinds of AWS trials that you can choose to participate in: The Long-term Expertise (LE) and the Quick Certification (RC) program. The AWS RC program is recommended for candidates who want to improve their skills before taking the AWS main exam.

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