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Was the Removal of This Junk Poker Tables a Great Transfer For Caispo?

With the introduction of Caispo’s Super Chips, Caispo is looking much like a valid poker area. However, despite the recent announcement that Caispo is no longer playing online against computers, they’re still looking a lot like a Las Vegas lounge poker area. Caispo is seeking to emulate exactly what the online”poker houses” do. Online, there are actually hundreds of games available, and they all have their own special qualities and offerings. So they’re attempting to imitate a few of the best known online houses by creating their very own unique offerings to online poker players.

Two of the best features of a fantastic casino home are their willingness to instruct players on the sport, and also their willingness to modify games if folks are dropping. Caispo has changed their offering in the old crap tables into the new craps table with exactly the same name. In addition they have additional”special deals” to certain tables. This is undoubtedly a step in the right way, and hopefully this may lure a few of the crap table players to begin playing from the casino lounge.

While I think that the removal of the junk tables was a good movement for caisno, it did not help much they had the gall to charge a yearly fee to play in their special games. For me personally, it was just like they had been stealing my money. I believe they should charge a flat fee for all gamers to get their own games. By charging a flat fee you keep the match in perfect condition, and be sure that everything is in order, and it is sensible to charge a tiny monthly fee for this access.

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