The Alpina B7 BMW Abu Dhabi is synonymous with wealth and elegance, and by the way, the fastest sedan in the world

BMW Abu Dhabi Motors decided, however, to describe its latest gem in this way… a little wrong.

We have to admit that at this point the wording is like most on the site. The new Alpina B7 with the classic stripes that characterize the tuner of the company and gentle modifications of the strapping, makes the limousine attractive in a new way.

BMW has faced a wave of criticism for a huge kidney on the front grille that is visible even from the moon. However, such requirements were imposed by markets where the “seven” is sold simply best. We have to accept that.

Improved appearance Alpiny B7, however, more harmonious. A huge kidney is no different from all the others. They complement the elegant metallic in Blue Tanzanite and the two-tone Lavalin leather blend in Mandarin and Navy.

The dealer from the UAE did not share information about the price of the car, but we can be sure that it is more than the standard B7 (154 800 euros).

By the way, the lucky customer will face the fastest production sedan in the world. The B7 has a capacity of 608 KM. according to the manufacturer, it reaches 330 km / h, which is more than any other sedan currently produced. The only worthy opponent will be the Dodge Charger Hellcat, however, its speedometer needle will stop at a trifle 320 km/h.

Exceptional performance also requires top-notch tires. A dealer from Abu Dhabi decided in the case of Alpiny B7 on Michelin Pilot Sport Cup racing tires, which at huge speeds and loads acting on a huge limousine are able to ensure safety.

If you’re an Alpina fan, you can melt into the luxury of this 7 series. If you need more clearance, don’t worry. Alpina plans to take the latest version of the bmw alpina for sale [] X7 to its workshop. A large SUV has already been spotted during a test drive. The model, which should be called “XB7” will be on sale in 2020.

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