Tai Bwo Wannai Trio

OSRS Combat skills, https://liistudio.com/how-to-level-up-combat-skills-faster-in-old-school-runescape/49632/. If you haven’t already obtained Karamjan rum, journey to the bar in Musa Point , and purchase a Karamjanrum. Use your tinderbox on the Jogre bones and await them to burn, then pick them back up. Use your Jogre bones on the Lava Forge (marked as a furnace on mini-map) positioned south of the financial institution. Use your seaweed on the monkey pores and skin to get a seaweed sandwich. Kill a monkey in this area with magic or ranged, take its corpse. Run South into the pub, buy a Karamjan rum off Zambo for 30gp.
Tai Bwo Wannai Trio osrs quest
Head to Port Sarim and purchase a traditional fishing net when you do not already have one. Karamja, and as soon as there buy some Karamja Rum and decide a banana. Cut the banana together with your knife and add to the rum. Now head west after which south of Brimhaven to Tai Bwo Wannai Village to start the search. You now must get some burnt jogre bones marinated in karambwanji sauce.
Fishing helps save a couple of minutes when you get unlucky. However, should you burn the Karambwan as an Ironman, you will want 65 fishing to get one other. Head again to Tai Bwo Wannai and converse to Timfraku to finish the search. Visit the 3 sons of their huts, in the fenced in space to the south of the main village, to receive the additional rewards. Walk east in direction of the Nature Altar mine to return to Tamayu. Use the Karambwan paste on your spear to create a spear.
You’ll still be burning some items, however not as many as when you went straight for the new tier. No matter what you’re cooking,whereyou’re cooking is just as necessary. Completing the search, nonetheless, grants you a pet kitten in addition to the XP reward. Having a pet kitten is the type of reward that can’t be empirically measured.
The finest spot to catch karambwans is just north of the fairy ring dkp. Therefore having a quick entry to a fairy ring is strongly really helpful for this method. The draw back to this method is that you just’ll need to spend time both catching or purchasing Raw Karambwanji from the shop on Karamja. This will cut back the time spent actually catching Karambwan, and makes it attribute XP and GP charges to this methodology. It is nevertheless usually agreed that Karambwans are better to catch than their competitor, Monkfish.
Use your Knife with the Banana to slice it and then use the slices with the Karamjan rum to produce Karamjan rum . Give him the bottle and then he will ask you to deliver him a Seaweed and Monkey Skin’ sandwich. Before you head to the last brother, Tinsay, you have to first cook the Raw karambwan that you simply acquired from Tiadeche. Head west to the everlasting fires alongside the southern border of Tai Bwo Wannai. Use the Raw karambwan with one of the fires to provide Poison karambwan. Use the Poison karambwan with Pestle and mortar to supply Karambwan paste .

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