Slayermusiq1 Big Chompy Bird Hunting

No. 40 exp per chompy bird, and with that fats slow bow you’re not going to be killing them very fast, whatever range level you might be. When the Chompy Bird seems, there might be a yellow arrow hovering over it. Kill this Chompy with your ogre arrows and bow, then go over and choose up the features, any dropped arrows, and likewise pluck the Chompy. Your bow will automatically record the kill, which you are able to see as nicely.
This area has many extra chinchompa spawns which makes capturing chinchompas unnecessary. At level eighty, players can catch around pink chinchompas relying on their velocity, making the hourly profit 535,200 to 602,a hundred. At greater levels, upwards of 560 purple chinchompas could be caught per hour, making the hourly profit 749,280.
Big Chompy Bird Hunting osrs quest
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Then use the bellows on a toad to get a bloated toad, and you’ll catch it and put it in your inventory. You get a rank comparable to the quantity of Chompy birds you’ve killed after finishing the hunt. After each Chompy kill your character mechanically puts a mark in your Ogre bow . To examine your variety of kills and rank, right click on your Ogre bow and select “Check Kills”. If you made the extra arrows forward of time, you can skip this part and simply start taking pictures the Chompy bird that Rantz was capturing, instead of going through all of the strategy of accumulating toads over again. If not, after you make the arrows, get 3 more Toads per the above instructions and drop them the identical place as Rantz told you earlier than.
Red chinchompas are one-handed multi-target stackable Ranged weapons requiring level 55 Ranged to wield. Red chinchompas could be obtained by box trapping carnivorous chinchompas in the Feldip Hunter space. This requires sixty three Hunter, and can give the player 265 Hunter expertise per catch.
Once you have pushed the boulder off the chest, search it to retrieve the ogre bellows. You will get an Ogre bellows, now go to the swamp simply west of Rantz . There are some bubbles coming out of the swamp, use the bellows with the bubbles to fill the bellows with gas. He will not settle for premade Ogre arrows, which means that you will have to make them during the quest.
You NEVER want to worry about your account security when purchasing from It is our top priority to make sure your OldSchool RS accounts are secure and your gold stays on your account, so we assure that every one the gold and others you buy here are handmade and a hundred% protected. Obtain the elements that they ask for and use the Raw chompy on the spit-roast north of Rantz.

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