SEO search engine optimization of the site using the Title tag

Unfortunately, it is impossible to do SEO optimization of the site once and for all and, without making any changes, expect that it will remain in high positions. Search engine optimization methods are constantly changing, just as the principles of search engine ranking are changing. However, the Title tag remains essential and cannot be ignored.

In this publication, we will analyze in detail:

  • How to write the title correctly?
  • What is SEO website optimization?
  • What is SEO title?

One of the most significant methods of website promotion is its search engine optimization using the Title tag. After all, all search engines use this type of tag to collect information about a web resource. The word or phrase contained in the Title tag must appear as links when displaying search results. Namely, using these links, users will be able to go to the site they need.

Many SEO experts claim that Title tags are ranked second after the content of the site itself, by value that determines the position of the site in the displayed search results. The same SEO experts say that the location of the Title tag itself, in the “Head” code section, does not matter, but, as a rule, in practice it is placed first.

Most common misconceptions when composing a Title tag

The most important thing for good search engine seo site optimization is not the location of the Title tag, but the words in it and the order in which they appear. Many web resource owners believe that the Title tag should contain the name of their company.

This assumption is wrong, because it will only work when the user searches for this particular company by specifying its name in the search engine. But in most cases, if you are not a well-known world company, the user will search for a specific product or service, because he does not know the name of your company, he just needs a product.

Title tag content

The Title tag should contain keywords and phrases suitable for the specifics of your company. For example, as a real estate agency in the Moscow region, you probably need the agency’s website to be in the search results when using the keywords and phrases “Real estate agency in the Moscow region” and “Real estate in the Moscow region”.

But, if you want to work only in the city of Moscow, then you need SEO search engine optimization of the site, organized in a more specific way, so that you can use such words as “Real estate agencies in Moscow” in the Title tag.

That is, if you are only interested in clients and site visitors from a specific city or region, then your key phrases in the website header should contain this location. Indeed, when searching, people will definitely indicate the city or region in which they want to find something. Your task is for your site to be among the first on the results page.

Proper use of the Title tag as a site optimization method

We recommend not to use one word in a tag more than two times. And it is advisable to avoid repetitions of more than two words. If you follow these rules, then in our opinion, the repetition of one or two words in Title tags is a necessity. Remember that you need to use only those words and phrases that are in the text of your page.

Using our example for SEO company of a website for a real estate agency in Moscow, you can create the following tag:
<TITLE> Real estate agencies in Moscow </TITLE>
<TITLE> Real estate in Moscow </TITLE>

But, in the Title tag, there is plenty of room for both keywords. After all, the search engine is capable of displaying up to 115 characters of a given tag in the resulting search results. Therefore, it would be more correct to use a tag like this:

<TITLE> MOSCOW real estate agency. Moscow real estate </TITLE>
Please note that the word “Moscow” used twice. Once in capital letters. This done for the reason that some search engines (AltaVistа, Hotbot) give importance to the case of characters and your site will be able, thanks to this, to take a higher position in the search results. After all, it often happens that the request was made in capital letters.

Also, you probably noticed that the word Moscow used twice. In our opinion, such repetition is very effective, the main thing is that these two words are not next to each other. Indeed, in such a case, with a high degree of probability, this tag will not bring results, since the duplicate word will be ignored by search engines.

The best approach for search engine seo website optimization

  • When in doubt about the best words to use in your headline, take a look at the text and body of the page. When the texts are well written, all the keywords are right on the page, you just need to choose the most suitable for the title. And if you do not find anything suitable, then you need to redesign the content of the page.
  • The best approach for creating a seo optimized website is to select keywords that can best highlight the specifics of your business, and only then, based on these words, develop texts that will be contained on the website
  • When choosing keywords for the title of your page (Title tag), you just need to look through the available texts, compare them with the list of keywords and select those that are on this page.

Remember: in the event that words are not in the text of the page, they should not be used in the Title tags.
Based on our example with a real estate agency, imagine that after looking through the text, you did not find the words “Moscow Real Estate Agency” in it. Is it worth it, then, to use these words in Title tags?

The answer is “No” if you have no desire to change the content of the page, but in such a way your page will not get a high ranking when using these keywords in search engines.

The answer is “Yes”, and in our opinion it is more correct, but in such cases you will have to redesign the page content so that it contains such important keywords that reflect the essence of your business.

When performing text processing for SEO optimization, it is better not to go the easy way and do not allow the following:

  • just include these words at the beginning or end of each page without linking them to their context
  • make the words the same color as the background so as not to change the text itself
  • use the smallest font for the given words so that they cannot be seen
  • just include them in the meta tags, without using them in the text itself

In the event that these words are really important, and you want the search resource to bring users to your site precisely for them, then you will have to work hard. Keywords should fit well and beautifully into the content of the website text.

After integrating important keywords into the content of the site texts, all you need to do is apply the same words in the Title meta tags, which will not be difficult.

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Search engine SEO optimization of meta tags refers to methods of internal optimization, the ultimate goal of which is to improve the position of a site in the results of natural search results for specific key queries.

It is important to learn how to write the title correctly so that the results of internal SEO will take effect as soon as possible. And one more good recommendation – don’t forget about internal linking. Several links from internal pages must lead to the promoted one.


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