Rockwin Flowmeter

Efcon® Flowmeters are used to measure water flows as accurate as possible. A boiler was piped through four group heads so that the machine could make various types of Espresso at a time. It is an oscillatory liquid turbine flowmeter Zambia which utilizes a specially designed geometric shape to produce self-induced oscillations. This positive displacement type flow meter has the explosion-proof electronic indicating & counting unit and can be used in dangerous places where an explosion-proof structure is required.

We can calibrate flowmeters from as small as ¼” diameter, up to 8″. In order to approach this task in a systematic manner, forms have been developed, requiring that the following types of data be filled in for each application: Download the Flowmeter Evaluation Form.

Especially for fuels, like diesel, heavy fuel oil and marine diesel, as well lube or cylinder oil, our products and solutions for flow and consumption measurement are used very often by our customers. This makes the flowmeter independent of gravity, allowing it to be used in any plane, even upside-down.

This is less convenient, but potentially more accurate as the differential pressure measured is at its greatest at the vena contracta, which occurs at this position. The speed of rotation of the turbine is proportional to the velocity, and hence volumetric flowrate of the fluid being measured.

Thermal Mass Flow Meters & Mass Flow Controllers – We are a manufacturer of premium quality and performance mass flowmeters and controllers for use in semiconductor, pharmaceutical and research industries. This can include the boiler house and applications where steam is supplied to many plants, some on-line, some off-line, but the overall flowrate is within the range.

Long, clear lengths of upstream pipework must be provided, as for orifice plate flowmeters. Its main limitation is a possible deterioration in accuracy due to buildup of scale or deposits on the pipe wall-note that the sonic signal must bounce off the wall three times.

As the rate of flow increases, so does the differential pressure. This dynamo principle also governs the way electromagnetic flowmeters work. Transit-time meters rely on an ultrasonic signal’s completely traversing the pipe, so the path must be relatively free of solids and air or gas bubbles.

The meter clamps around a pipe with its flow-sensing probes projecting into the pipe through drilled holes. The criteria for the E grille induction flowmeter are grounded. The reduction is therefore proportional to the fluid’s flow rate. Each transducer alternatively fires pulses of ultrasound where the time it takes for each pulse to reach the other transducer is affected by the velocity of the fluid flowing through the pipe.

A rotameter measures flow rate in a closed tube – characterized by a tapered tube and some sort of float (typically a sphere). The turbine meter can have an accuracy of 0.5% of the reading. The list of flowmeters in use includes: Coriolis, ultrasound, turbine, thermal, screw, piston, float, and magnetic induction devices.

Water utilities often require them for measurement of water used in construction, pool filling, or where a permanent meter is not yet installed. The flow rate of O2 and H2S was monitored by Tylan FC280A flowmeters linked to a Tylan RC280 control unit, whereas steam was provided by a saturator kept at the required temperature to obtain the desired partial pressure of steam.

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