Rock Lily Collection the fashion jewelry brand name was developed by fashion jewelry designer Oksana Lerman

It’s one thing to purchase excellent fine jewelry. It’s another thing to be able to use it. WEARable beauty – the slogan the Rock Lily Collection.

Rock Lily Collection the precious jewelry brand was established by fashion jewelry designer Oksana Lerman. She uses a splendid blend of contemporary and traditional design. Her multiple talents and technical skills allowed her to produce special distinctive pieces of jewelry using beautiful handcrafted filigree techniques. Lerman’s enthusiasm for precious jewelry style implies she is continuously innovating and aiming to new horizons in New York or continuing her education at the Gemological Institute of America GIA to end up being a licensed gemologist. Oksana becomes a gemologist at David Yurman, yet her passion for developing her distinct precious jewelry designs never ever eased off. Oksana Lerman now debuts her new brand name, Rock Lily Collection, with an effective feminine mix of gemstones bonded with silver and gold. Beaded precious jewelry apparent impact ranging from the delicately mixed color and structure of natural stones and the large baroque pearls, made into distinct designs. Motivation becomes a hand-sketched style prior to it becomes beautiful fashion jewelry websites an unique or limited edition creation. Each piece from the Rock Lily Collection is handcrafted in New York, USA.

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