Talk to the Gossip at the mansion gate and ask him who he thinks is responsible. He’ll point out seeing a poison salesman from the village deliver a batch of poison to the family. Now, search the barrels in the bedrooms belonging to the Sinclair kids who’s pants match the colour of the Criminal’s thread . Four are upstairs and two of them are downstairs. You’ll find numerous silver items that might be used subsequent. Head into the mansion and check out the scene of the murder within the japanese room.
Climb over the wall, and head north of the manor to trigger one other cutscene, where Lacey is tied up. The Killer will ask her the name of the vampyre who lives in South Misthalin, however players shall be given a choice; none of options matter, so pick any . She will die and the Killer will leave players another note. Enter the manor, decide up the knife on the table, and try and open the door with the pink knob up north. This will set off one other cutscene, where Tayten is murdered by the killer hiding within the wardrobe. Before returning in the wardrobe, he slides a notice under the door.
Frank – Used it to clean the crest on the surface wall of the mansion. Bob – Says that he used the poison on the beehive on the west side of the estate. David – He says that he killed the spiders in the nest upstairs with the poison. Now depart the house and speak to Gossip, discovered in the chicken pen within the southwest nook of the estate.
Murder Mystery osrs quest
The OSRS Murder Mystery quest has no level necessities to start and no previous quest requirements. Possible account termination when using unlawful leveling or illegally obtained gold. Hope you would easily completing Murder Mystery OSRS quest after studying this guide.

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  • This will set off one other cutscene, where Tayten is murdered by the killer hiding within the wardrobe.
  • Lord Sinclair, a highly respected Nobleman of Kandarin, has been discovered dead despite the huge portions of guards working day and night to keep the family secure.
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  • However, if you talk to the guard, he’ll require extra evidence to convict them.

The thread you took earlier within the quest has the identical shade as your wrongdoer. You will now want to seek out the barrel that belongs to your culprint. You know the name of the individual proudly owning the barrel, since each barrel has it is own name. Go to the Seers’ Village pub and discuss to the poison salesman.
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The riddle refers back to the piano discovered in the north-japanese corner of the manor . You must enter the room via the the damaged north eastern wall. The Killer desires you dead – play the notes D-E-A-D on the piano, and search it to search out an emerald key. Do the identical for the culprit’s item, OldSchool RS and use that fingerprint with the unknown one to see that they match. Once you’ve got got the proof, convey it back to one of many guards to get your reward. Outside of the mansion is a shed on the west side, where you should discover some Flypaper that can show to be useful.

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