The guard nearby will allow you to hoist it up onto the platform. Follow the trail until you come to two Guards. If you drop her any time through the quest before escaping, a guard will discover and you’ll be thrown into jail and will have to rescue her once more.
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The Tourist Trap osrs quest
Do not click on directly to the ladder but hold clicking to your goal as this will reduce the chances of getting caught by traps. Just walk north and re-enter the pyramid to start out over. The scarab swarms, spontaneous mummies, and traps cannot be detected prematurely.
By utilizing tremendous restore potions to revive your Agility level will assist here. Turn off auto retaliate and follow the ice path until you’ve handed all of the wolves up ahead. In the end, you should see an Ice rock subsequent to an empty space, then stand east of the Ice rock between the empty area and the ice wolves that aren’t able to attack you. When you’ve handed the Ice gate use Protect from Melee and you have to kill 5 Ice trolls to make your approach to the boss.
That means you can flee from the extent ninety five Stranger when he seems. If you don’t want to fight him, and simple banking the diamonds will prevent him from appearing additional, though he can seem the second you get a diamond. During the search, when you’re carrying one or more of the diamonds, you may be attacked by a level ninety five Stranger who appears subsequent to you and carries a poisoned dragon dagger. This is random and doesn’t happen to everybody, but to be protected, take a teleport and anti-poison in your stock when moving the diamonds. I was doing the Touris Trap quest and I obtained Ana in a barrel and put her in the winch, however I by accident logged out and Ana will not respawn in the end of the tunnel. This jad osrs fast guide ought to get your able to face TzTok-Jad in the fight caves to get your firecape.
Enter the mine cave and OldSchool RS walk east in the direction of the barrels. Find the 1 that’s empty by looking out by way of them after which choose it up. Search the Mine Cart, climb in and you will soon be in a new space of the mine. Head to the northwest and you must discover Ana close to a group of Slaves. Before going by way of the gate, just be sure you do not have a weapon, shield or any armour geared up. Some beauty items also count as armour, so to be protected try to put on nothing.

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