Osrs Gertrude’s Cat

Gertrude will ask you to go and converse to her two youngsters, Shilop and Wilough in Varrock Square. Welcome to RuneScape Help’s Quest Guides part. Here you will discover step-by-step assist and walkthroughs for all Runescape quests.
Try to pick her up, however she’s going to hiss and you’ll get a message in your chat field saying perhaps she’s thirsty. Gertrude is in a foul mood as a result of she has lost her favorite cat, Fluffs. Gertrude’s House, west of Varrock and south of the Cooking Guild. Italics denote that the hunt was demoted to a miniquest.
Gertrude's Cat osrs quest
Head for the Lumber Yard, which may be found north-east of Varrock. Don’t neglect to deliver a raw sardine, and a doogle leaf OR a seasoned sardineand a bucket of milk. (Searching the identical crate repeatedly will not work.)Go back up the ladder and use the kitten on Fluffs.Return to Gertrude.
Talk to gertrude again, and you will have finished the search. Once at the lumber yard there is a broken fence that has the command “squeeze under fence” when clicked on. This is on the west facet of the lumber yard. There are a number of crates within the yard have cats inside them that are continually “jiggling” however none of them are Gertrude’s cat. Head to the middle of the yard and climb up a ladder.
Rs2hot supplies special RS quest service that will help you full the quest you need. Once you place the order, our skilled gamers will assist you to get over all of the difficulties you meet with and fulfill your dream. Speak to Gertrude and she will tell you that she has lost her cat named Fluffs. While you’re there, choose up one doogle leaf from behind her house. She asks you to go and ask two children in Varrock Square named Shilop and Wilough. Once you have the Kitten, it’ll take about an hour for it to grow into an adult cat.
If your kitten grows right into a cat you can buy another from Gertrude for 100 GP. Talk to Shilop and he’ll tell you the place he last noticed the cat for 100gp. Head east out of Varrock and then Northeast in direction of the Jolly Boar Inn; purpose barely southeast of it to the Lumberyard.
Players can discover Gertrude’s cat but you’ll be able to’t choose it up as it refuses beginners guide to RuneScape move. If the player already has Doogle leaves (they are often found behind Gertrude’s house), it could possibly now be used on the sardine to make a Doogle sardine. The player ought to use this item with the cat. If the player wouldn’t have the leaves yet, they can head back to Gertrude’s house to get one.

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