List Of Various Home-Based Sales Opportunities

These days, the business doesn’t need huge funds and machinery to thrive. You can start your business simply by using a phone and laptop with a decent internet connection. Home-based jobs are the new trend around the world. Home-based jobs make you feel like you are your boss and you can control your working hours.

This trend of working from home has been nurturing home-based sales opportunities. Many well-settled businesses identified the future of marketing and selling and that’s why these businesses have created the opportunity to sell from home and get paid. Here is the list of home-based sales opportunities for the people who prefer work from home over in-office work.

1. Selling Clothes

Many clothing brands and newly thriving businesses need sales executives, who can reach people around them. Your job is to convince the consumer to buy products and you will get a good percentage for selling their products.

List of companies that offer opportunities to sell clothes:
1. Cabi
2. Meesho
3. Shopify
4. Luraroe
5. Mayberry fashion
6. Flipkart
7. Amazon
8. Buskins leggings
9. Color Street
10. CC Originals

2. Selling jewelry and accessories

In earlier days, ladies used to use only gold ornaments. But nowadays a tremendous variety of jewelry is available all over the market. Demand for jewelry is also largely due to durability, low cost, and different designs.

Brands of jewelry have taken initiatives to increase their reach to people. So they are giving opportunities to people like you and me to sell their accessories and jewelry and to earn money.

List of companies that offer opportunities to sell jewelry:
1. Shopify
2. Amazon
3. Phillips
4. CB jewelry
5. Gracewear
6. Sseko Designs
7. Grace and heart
8. KEEP Collective
9. Origami Wool
10. Sabika jewelry
11. Sara Blaine
12. Plunder Designs
13. Noonday Collection
14. Initial outfitters

3. Selling courses designed by educational sites and experts

Learning online is the trend nowadays. So leading educational sites have created paid courses to acquire knowledge and to sharpen your skills. You can be a medium between the creator of course and the consumer of course.

You have to promote these courses to target the correct audience. These sites offer almost 25 percent margins over per sale. Just go to the official website of the following websites and start earning.

List of platforms offering the opportunity to sell courses

  1. Internshala
    2. Unschool
    3. Skillshare
    4. Katra
    5. Udemy
    6. Kajabi
    7. Pathwright
    8. Podia
    9. Click4Course
    10. LearnWorlds
    11. Teachable
    12. Ruzuku

Above listed products and brands are the best home-based sales opportunities. But some of us are good at arts, poster makings, writings, baking, and much more skills. For such people, selling products online by sitting in the comfort of your home has become easier nowadays. You can make and sell such products on your own with the least investments and tools.

4. Baking

Baking might be the hobby of some of you. Sometimes, your loved ones might have told you that you bake so perfectly after tasting homemade cookies, cakes, and pastries. So, what are you waiting for? Learn some professional tactics and marketing skills or you can hire professional people to increase your sales and to grow sales.

5. Making Art-pieces

You can sell art pieces like paintings, homemade showpieces, wallpapers, or any artistic product. Give some professional touch to your art pieces and sell them on online platforms by promoting them.

6. Food

Due to a busy schedule, many people cannot cook food at home. So, they have to eat at canteens and hotels but this food cannot satisfy the hunger of homemade food. If you can cook well, start it now with whatever sources you have. Offer them a plate full of homemade food and love, people will shower love, and eventually, your business will grow.

7. Product Reviewer

According to one survey, 95% of consumers look for reviews before buying any product from online sites. So, what is the role of product reviewers?

As a product reviewer, you have to check the response of consumers and write reviews for the products to clear the confusion of buyers while purchasing online. Writing reviews require English writing efficiency and some online writing tools like Grammarly.

8. Selling Potted Plants

Some of us might have tried growing herbs, small plants, and vegetables at home. Have you ever thought about it? It can be your side business. You can start planting plants in different kinds of pots and sell them. People love green balconies, so grow different plants, flowers, and vegetables and sell them sitting at home.

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