Wedding is a big day for every bride and to look extremely beautiful on this day is what every bride-to-be craves for, and why not after all she is like the star of the event. Weddings in India are non less than a festival and their preparations begin as soon as the marriage is finalized.

The entire family joins hands together to make the day a big success from food to guest everything is taken care of. As a bride-to-be, you have a lot to deal with from lehenga hunting to decorate finalization and also the trousseau shopping. But as a bride-to-be one more important thing that should be taken care of by you without any negligence is your body care. There are various appointments and treatments to be taken care of So here is the list of various beauty appointments that you must schedule before your wedding.


A wedding requires a lot of preparations and as a bride-to-be, you have a bucket full of things to deal with, all those trips to the designers for the latest lehenga designs in 2021 and appointments with the stylists in the hot sun and windy days are like a tax on your hairs as takes then ruff, dry, oily, frizzy and what not. All your wedding preps and trips intensely damage your hair which is seriously needed to be taken care of.

All you need to do is get a hairstylist to tell them about your hair type and they will plan a perfect personalized hair treatment for you. Hair spa is an important beauty appointment before your wedding as it keeps your hair hydrated, healthy and shiny which looks gorgeous on a bride-to-be. Also, if you want perfect touch and trim it is advisable to get a haircut at least 10 days and a hair spa to be done 4-5 days before your wedding day to ensure the desired hair look you long for.


The prettiest thing to wear on your wedding day is a smile. It may sound cliche but a simple can do what nothing else can. A confidently smiling bride on her D-Day is beautiful in her way. You prepare so much for your wedding from jewelry to hair accessories, from bracelets to evening bags and they all add beauty to your bridal look but as a bride-to-be, the best accessory you can put on is her smile on your wedding day.

This is why a dentist is included in the list of various beauty appointments for your wedding. So schedule your appointment with a dentist and get a quick teeth whitening and smile deep clean. But do not get any major filling or another dental treatment done right before your wedding as may be problematic. Just get the basic routine check of your teeth and smile flawlessly on your wedding day.


Another important beauty appointment to go to before your wedding is a hair removal treatment. Since no bride would want is stubble on her wedding night, as when you leave no stones unturned to make everything perfect for your wedding then, of course, this thing is also to be taken care of and that too on the mesial basis.

So make sure to plan a waxing and threading session for yourself, don’t keep it too early pr right before your wedding day, to avoid any redness or soreness, rashes on the body, and get it done 4-5 days before your wedding. If you are of the kind who then ever having to shave again is not worth it then you can go for a laser hair removal treatment a few months back from your wedding.


It normally takes a few tries before making anything perfect, the same is the case with your bridal makeup. It usually takes a few trials, choosing between those or that, applying various matching or contrasting eyeshadow before your makeup artists decide your absolute final beauty look for your D-Day.

There are various things you need to be particular about like a bronzy eye or smoky eye? Dewy or matte? Hd or shimmer makeup? You should tell your makeup artists all your preferences beforehand, all the last-minute problems must be addressed so that they can try it all on your face, pair it with your wedding attire and nail your final personalized bridal makeup look.


While you are getting your face, hair, feet, and palms done your rest of the body should not be left out. Another important beauty appointment before your wedding should be your body polishing. Body polishing is a must-have treatment as it helps you get rid of dead skin cells, moisturizes your skin, and gives a beautiful glowing look. Also if you are willing to go with a backless choli you can try a Turkish bath, it is a whole day bath that may give your body a beautiful healthy glow.


After taking your makeup trials, getting hair removal and dental treatment, body polishing and hair spa the next in the list of various beauty appointments before your wedding comes the hair trials. It is another important appointment that you must take with your hairstylist 1-2 weeks before your wedding as you experiment with your D-Day or sometimes as a bride-to-be you want to try something completely new or you want to pick a hairstyle that goes well with your jewelry and bridal attire.

Any such desires can be accomplished only if you timely schedule hair trials with your artist. So that he can try various styles on you and you can pick the best for yourself. Also if you are planning to wear a new look liking getting extensions, don’t forget to bring lots of pictures and try it well, also keep a backup hairstyle in case some last-minute changes are to be made also and try wearing each hair looks for at least 5 hours before you finalize one to avoid any last-minute chaos.

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