Latest Trend OF Tunic Tops And How To Style Them

A tunic is a little bit longer than a normal shirt and shorter than a dress. These tops are long enough to cover your back and can also be paired with ottomans like jeans and leggings. The tunics are in trend right now and there are so many different ways that you can style them.


Styling tunics

Tunics can be worn with bottoms like jeans or leggings but you have to avoid wearing them with baggy and loose pants. They can be simply paired with a belt to give a more classy look.


7 Different Ways To Style Tunics

  • Denim Jackets with a tunic

Denim jackets can make everything look cool. Wearing a tunic with a denim jacket on a summer day could be one of the best options. Wear some casual footwear, either heels or flats and you are good to go.


  • Leggings with tunic

When you have nothing to wear as a bottom for a tunic but you still want to wear something, you can go with leggings. They are comfortable and look good too. You can go for printed leggings for the plain tunic and plain leggings for a printed tunic.

If you are plus-size, then wearing a vertical stripe tunic along with leggings will give you a taller and slimmer look. Match them with boots and it will give you a sophisticated look.


  • Jeans with tunics

Wearing slim fit jeans with tunics can be considered as the best outfit for casual wear as well as workwear, it is comfortable and also makes you look pretty. Wearing a short designer tunic Kurti to a party will give you a simple and elegant look.

Wearing jeans with Kurti is also preferred by most of celebrities.


  • Shorts and tunics

Wearing denim shorts with tunics tucked in is best for when travelling or on a vacation. This gives you a cool look. To complete your look, you can wear a cross bag and sneakers.


  • Adding just a belt

If you do not have time to decide what bottom you should pair with a tunic, but also want to look beautiful and stylish in it, the simple solution you can go with is wearing a belt around your waist. The belt must be in contrast with the tunic you are choosing. This style is generally popular throughout the world.


  • A scarf with a tunic

A sparkly style for the winters is wearing a scarf upon a tunic. A scarf can make you look classy with all types of dress. And draping a scarf around your neck o a tunic will give you easy-going attire.


  • Long shrugs or cardigans with tunics

Wearing a cardigan or a long shrug along with a tunic is a good fall outfit. Wear a necklace or funky pendant to highlight your attire. Working women can also wear blazers with their tunic to improve their formal look.



Those were few of the best styling tips for tunics. You can also shop for designer tunics online. Do checkout AMPM store for stylish outfits at a reasonable price.

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