Step by step instructions to Make a Statue Mold

Materials and Tools: 

  • oil-based sans sulfur chiseling mud 
  • proficient evaluation latex 
  • two-section clay 
  • Hydro-Stone gypsum concrete 
  • youngsters’ paintbrushes 
  • delicate paintbrushes 
  • dark acrylic paint 
  • different chiseling devices 
  • wood dowels 
  • estimating cups 
  • spoon 
  • water 
  • 2 containers 
  • clean cushion 
  • delicate clothes 
  • indelible marker 
  • latex gloves 
  • child powder 
  • huge elastic groups 
  • sandpaper 
  • elastic gasket material 


  1. Shape a sculpture, Stepping Stones molds utilizing chiseling mud and different chiseling apparatuses. 
  2. Apply latex to the figure in flimsy layers with a youngster’s paintbrush. Each layer requires about an hour to dry, and typically 14 to 16 layers are applied. 
  3. Allow the latex to shape fix for the time being. 
  4. Choose the number of pieces that will be required for the mother shape by drawing separating lines on the latex form with an indelible marker. Softly dust the latex form with child powder to forestall the mother shape from staying. 
  5. Make two balls from the two-section clay a bundle of gum and a wad of hardener-each about the size of a golf ball. Combine the two as one by crunching them with your fingers until you accomplish an even shading. 
  6. Pull off bits of the blend and push it onto one segment of the latex form and into the state of that part, to a thickness of 1/8-to ¼-inch thick. Allow this first segment to set for a couple of hours to solidify. 
  7. When the primary part of the mother shape solidifies, assemble the second segment similarly. Rehash for however many segments as you need. Let sit for 24 hours to fix it. 
  8. After the mother shape fixes, pull it off the latex form. At that point eliminate the latex shape from the first mud mold. Wash out the latex shape to eliminate any pieces of dirt adhering to it. Dry the latex shape. 
  9. Measure the water for blending the Hydro-Stone as indicated by the producer’s directions, and empty it into an enormous plastic bowl. Measure the concrete, put it into a flour sifter whenever wanted, and add it to the water. Let sit for around five minutes with the goal that the concrete turns out to be drenched. Mix gradually, attempting to try not to build up any air bubbles. Blend for a couple of moments until it’s smooth or the consistency of a thick flapjack hitter. 
  10. Hold the latex shape with the open end up (this is the lower part of the figure) and gradually pour in the gypsum combination until the form is about a third full. Tap the form and squeeze it a piece to deliver any caught air bubbles. 
  11. Position the mother-shape sorts out around the latex form. Join elastic groups around the amassed molds to hold it all together. Wrap up emptying the gypsum concrete into the latex form to the highest point of the opening. Backing the form with wood dowels is vital. Spot the gathered form on a level surface and tap the shape on a couple of more occasions to deliver any caught air. Let sit for about an hour for the solid to solidify. 
  12. Following 60 minutes, eliminate elastic groups from the gathered molds, take the mother-shaped pieces off the latex form and strip the latex shape off the projecting. The gypsum will in any case be warm. Trim and tidy up around the base of the model with a clay rimming device or a little piece of sandpaper. Let the solid air-dry for a few days before staining. 
  13. Blend dark acrylic create paint with water in a little basin to make an ink-like combination. Wear gloves to forestall staining your hands. Have available a subsequent can be loaded up with water. Dunk the figure in the plain water and afterward in the paint blend. Scour the figure into a piece with a plastic clean cushion to eliminate a portion of the paint. Flush the figure in plain water. Rehash the interaction a few times until you get the ideal dimness. ABS Casting Molds A greater amount of the paint will subside into cleft each time, making them more obscure and giving the figure the vibe of old stone. Let dry.

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