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Amazon has become a game changer for e-commerce businesses. More and more investors are starting to take advantage of Amazon’s growing network. Using Amazon services as one of your primary platforms can give your business several benefits. It does, however, require strategic planning and execution to leverage your competition.

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Amazon continues to grow rapidly 

Amazon is one of the biggest ecommerce platforms out there today with over 2.5 million active sellers and 310 million active members. On average, Amazon hosts more than 197 million people around the world every month – more than the entire population of Russia. A recent study also shows that  89% of consumers choose to buy from Amazon  over other ecommerce sites.

Convenience, reliability, and great customer service are some of the reasons Amazon is the most preferred online shopping place today. Innovation also plays an important role in Amazon’s success. They keep improving and adding new useful features for Amazon sellers and buyers. One of the main features to watch out for is the Amazon Best Seller Rankings (BSR), which helps consumers see the most popular products available on the market. Many sellers also take advantage of Amazon BSR to promote their products and services.

Amazon’s Competitive Marketplace 

With Amazon’s growing network, it’s quite surprising that only a few companies have successfully used this platform. This is due to the level of competition, as the number of sellers continues to increase as well. Additionally, most Amazon sellers have no idea how the algorithm works. They generally believe that integrating your business with Amazon will generate sales immediately.

With an 8% overall increase in competition from last year, it’s imperative to find more ways to  boost your Amazon product listings and brand pages  . It is true that using Amazon services can help your business increase your income. This does not mean, however, that it will give you instant results. Like any other platform, you need   strategic  Amazon marketing solutions  to outperform your competition.

Work on your marketing strategies. Understand Amazon BSR metrics to gain credibility with your target market. Explore other effective solutions, such as implementing  Amazon SEO campaigns   and product listing optimization.

What is Amazon BSR and how do I earn it?

Amazon assigns each product using different catalogs called Best Seller Ranks, formerly known as Amazon Sales Rank. Amazon BSR shows the location of your products and brands. To get that exposure, the product must generate more sales. Basically, the products with more sales will be featured at the top of the Amazon page.

Amazon also takes into account historical sales data for a specific product. It is updated hourly and categorizes each item into each of their categories and subcategories.

Keep in mind that a product’s BSR rate may give different results than other Amazon marketplaces. For example, you might be in the top 5 of a subcategory page on, but rank lower on

The overall BSR rate on Amazon should indicate its level of sales relative to other product listings. But according to Amazon, it doesn’t always show which items sell more than similar products. That’s why they created the Category and Sub-Category Best Selling List which makes it more convenient for both sellers and consumers.

You can find the product’s Amazon BSR score in the Listing Details section. By default, Amazon offers some of the most popular subcategories for higher ranking items associated with other products in that subcategory.

Other effective ways to make your Amazon product listings more visible 

As noted, Amazon calculates the best seller rank based on recent sales and historical sales data. Note that Amazon’s algorithm for the best seller list does not include product reviews, seller comments, pricing, and keywords when calculating BSR. However, these factors can give your products and brand pages more credibility with consumers and generate more leads.

Although the Amazon BSR takes a heavy toll on sales, optimizing your Amazon product listings remains an ideal option. In fact, the most successful companies use this platform the  strategies  Amazon SEO  and  the  campaigns  Amazon PPC  to promote their brand and increase their sales.

To give you more ideas, here are some of the most effective ways to optimize your Amazon product listings:

    • Understand the use of relevant keywords   

Amazon’s search algorithms are not that different from popular search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, or Bing. Performing thorough keyword research is essential in determining which primary and secondary keywords to use for your Amazon marketing campaigns. Much like optimizing a website through SEO practices, relevance and search volumes are key factors to consider.

Following the same principles, you have to be careful with keyword stuffing. Focus on readability and content optimized for conversion. Always review Amazon’s keyword and search terms guidelines   to make sure your optimization strategies are well defined.

    • Optimize the title and description of the product 

This is one of the reasons why many Amazon sellers struggle to compete with their competition. According to research, 90% of product listings do not meet Amazon’s requirements. Many companies overlook the importance of optimizing product titles and descriptions.

Just like Google, Amazon performs regular updates with its algorithms. Simple details, such as the use of character limits for titles and product descriptions, can have a significant impact on Amazon search results.

Here are some things to consider when creating product titles:

    • Make descriptive titles

Amazon users prefer this platform because it is fast and convenient. If they can’t understand your products at first glance, you’re losing valuable leads. Be creative with your product titles. Use Amazon’s 200 character limit. Provide descriptive titles that give your audience a feel for the product without clicking the list.

    • Incorporate keywords 

Always include relevant keywords in your product titles. Try to use the keywords at the beginning of your title. This helps to ensure that your product page is indexed for particular keywords. Again, avoid keyword stuffing for better search results.

    • Focus on user intention

This applies to product titles and descriptions. Think about your audience when creating the content. Put yourself in their perspective. Do you find the information useful? Does the title give you an idea of ​​the products you are selling? Simple details like this can help improve your product listings.

    • Follow best practices 

Always follow best practices or the recommended format when creating Amazon product titles. Here are a few:

      • Capitalize the first letter of the main words.
      • Provide exact details (size, volume, color, measurements, etc.).
      • Use numbers for numbers.
      • Avoid using an ampersand.

For product descriptions, use bullet points to separate and highlight the main characteristics of the products. Avoid fluff when providing the details and try to incorporate some of the keywords.

    • Optimize product images 

The images on your product listings say a lot about your business. This is one of the most important factors that Amazon users consider when shopping online. Use bright, clear, high-quality photos to optimize the zoom function. Take photos using different angles synchronized with Amazon’s A9 algorithms. The recommended image should have a side of at least 1280 pixels. If possible, provide ultra-HD images of 2560 pixels on the long side.

    • Obtain customer feedback 

Customer reviews are essential to your Amazon business. Typically, sellers get reviews based on the quality of the products and customer service. There are other ways to increase the number of revisions. Using package inserts, for example, can prompt customers to provide feedback on your products and services.

Be proactive to maintain a high product review score. Respond to comments even on negative comments. Be professional and find ways to solve their problems. This reflects good customer service and might persuade the customer to make changes or remove bad reviews.


In general, the best way to improve your Amazon BSR is to increase your sales. This shouldn’t limit your strategies and goals, however. Focus on other actionable elements, such as improving the visibility of your brand pages and product listings in Amazon search results. Take the time to understand Amazon’s metrics. Improve your product listing with ethical optimization guidelines. Explore different Amazon SEO approaches. Do your research and contact Amazon marketers for expert help.

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