How to Find The Right Work at Home Job For Yourself

Work from home jobs has gained a lot of popularity lately. They have become so popular because of their unique feature. The best out of these features is that a work-from-home job tends to provide the employees a greater degree of comfort and flexibility. You don’t have to worry about waking up at least one or two hours before the office timings, getting ready, and reaching your office on time. You can login to your work sitting in your bed until or unless you are required to attend a video conference someday.

The coronavirus situation added to the gaining popularity of work from home jobs. Before the pandemic hit the world, I am sure that many of you were not aware of the concept called work from home. It became common when after the pandemic, lockdowns and quarantines forced most of the companies to offer work from home opportunities to their employees.

Work from home is an amazing option for women as well. Especially for those women who due to some reason can’t leave their house such as they became a mother recently and can’t leave their child at home alone or anything else but still want to be working and independent. Work from home jobs offers you an opportunity to manage your personal and professional life in a much easier manner.

But, when someone is looking for a work-from-home opportunity, the major issue that they face is how to find one. Finding a legitimate and trustworthy work from home job can actually be a very tricky task.

The threats of being conned by some fake website or company have made finding a work-from-home job difficult for many people.

So, if you are one of these people wishing to find a work-from-home job then here are some of the best ways for you.

1. Start searching and keep on searching!

When you are looking for any job, be it work from home or work in an office, your first and most important task is to start searching with proper dedication. Keep on searching for work from home jobs on different platforms. Think of searching for the job as your job for now.

Inform all your friends, family members, classmates, ex-batch mates, or anyone else you know that you are looking for a job. There is a high possibility that someone from your contact list might be aware of some job opportunities that will suit you. Networking is the best way of finding a job even in this era of online job searches.

If you are asking someone from your past office to help you out, you can send some kind of formal email with your resume attached to it. On the other hand, if you have a much friendly and comfortable bond with someone whom you are asking to help you out, you can do that in a less formal and friendlier manner on a call or through a chat. Make sure to drop your resume to everyone.

Sometimes the leads generated by your friend and families are surprisingly amazing and can help you a lot.

2. Online search

Networking is undoubtedly a great way to find a job opportunity. However, you should also take advantage of the technical advancements.

Search for your desired job opportunity on online platforms as well. For this, first of all, search for what sites or what online platforms are most trustworthy and genuine.

Once you find out the right platforms, start your job search. While searching makes sure you use keywords like work from home, part-time work from home jobs, remote jobs, telecommuting, freelance, or online jobs.

Many sites also provide a feature of filtering your job search results. If the site you are using provides a filter feature, filter the results as work from home only or remote jobs only or online jobs only.

Next, most of the sites ask you to upload your resume. Make sure you take proper advantage of this feature. Make a nice and attractive resume; mention all your achievements in it and your qualifications that you think would help you get the desired role.

Uploading a nice and attractive resume would not only help you out in getting a job but it would also be helpful for employers. They will be able to know you and your personality through your online resume and can decide whether you are a perfect fit for the applied job or not.

3. Creative and flexible

Another very important thing that you need to keep in mind while applying for a work-from-home job position is that you should always be creative and flexible. After all work from home jobs are desirable because of their flexibility and hence while looking for one you should also be a little flexible.

For example, if in place of sticking to just one option out of freelance and contract employment, you stay open to an opportunity combining both, you will find better options.

Search for different roles. If some position attracts or interests you, start digging deeper by searching for details regarding that job.

4. Get ready for an online interview!

When you apply for a remote job that has its office in your city, they might ask you to visit the office for an interview before joining online. However, this happens only in very few cases. In most cases, you are asked to appear for an online job interview.

Especially, if the company that you applied it doesn’t have an office branch in the city you reside in, you will have to interview through some online platform only. These online platforms may include a meeting on zoom, skype, teams, WhatsApp video chat, or even an email interview can be a possibility.

Most of us are not aware of how to give an online interview. What are the right etiquettes or what is the right body language for an online interview? So, make sure you are well aware of these things. Search for how you can give the perfect online interview.

Also, make sure that on the day of the interview your system, internet connectivity, and the location you are going to give the interview are right.  Slow connectivity leads to disruptions making the interview not up to the mark. Ensure that while giving the interview, you don’t have any background noises.

Don’t think that as it is just an online interview you can wear anything. Dress in a formal manner just like you would do for an offline interview.

5. Update your profiles

Another very important task you should do before starting applying for jobs is to update your social media profiles that could be asked for a reference by the employers. For example, many employers ask for the LinkedIn IDs of the people who apply for jobs.

Make sure that the picture you are using as a profile picture is professional. Use titles, headlines or keywords that tell what job roles you are looking for or you are comfortable with. Update all your certificates, achievements, and qualifications on your profile.

6. Check the company

Whenever you apply for a company, make sure that you go through background research. Check the background and status of that company. Go through their official website and also through their social media accounts. Evaluate all their online platforms.

This step is very important when you are applying for an online job through an online platform. If the company owns an official website and other social media accounts that are well handled, the company is most probably a genuine one. However, if in case the company that you are applying to doesn’t have any online social media account or doesn’t have an official website, there are quite high chances that the company is a fraud.

7. Read the job description carefully

Another very important thing that you should keep in mind is to read the job description very carefully and thoroughly. Don’t just get into it by its main title. When you read a job description carefully you get a proper idea of what the role requires, what are the responsibilities, whether it is a genuine job vacancy or just a fraud listing.

Generally, fraud job listings are vague and do everything that attracts the appliers. It will not be to the point. It will either be elaborated more than required or so short that you can’t understand anything.

Another thing that will help you in figuring out whether the job is legitimate or not is the email address of the company. Most genuine companies have an email address with a domain name that matches their company name. For example, if the name of a company is XYZ Limited, its email address for applications would be something like

On the other hand, a fraud company would try to convince you with an email address that looks genuine. For example, if XYZ Limited is a fraud company, the email address provided for the application would be something like The difference between the company name and domain is small that most people would not even notice it and fall into the trap.

Some tips to identify a scam and stay away from them!

If a job looks too easy to crack or looks like you got it too easy, it might be a fraud. No legitimate company hires an individual without proper tests and interviews.

If you ever receive emails from unknown companies saying you are selected for some position, it is a fraud. If you haven’t applied, a genuine company won’t hire you without any efforts.

Even when you apply for a company and they don’t ask you for an interview or any kind of test, it might be a fraud company. Think about checking the details and background of such companies twice before joining them.

1. Always, read the details of a job listing carefully. Some jobs require specific equipment and these are listed in the details. It can cause trouble if you don’t read these specific requirements before applying and you get selected for the position.

2. Also, some work-from-home jobs are on a salary basis while others are on a commission basis. Such details are also generally mentioned in the job listing. So go through the listing thoroughly to see whether it matches your needs and likings or not.

3. NEVER, and we are telling this again in bold words, NEVER, send money to a company for starting your job. If a company asks you to send a certain amount of money before you join as a guarantee or startup cost or anything else, it is a fraud. No genuine company takes money from its employees to start working. No matter how attractive the salary they are offering or if they promise to return your money with the first salary, just don’t fall into their trap.

4. Also, if a company asks for bank details, personal details, or any other confidential information, don’t ever share such information. They might use it in the wrong manner and steal your identity.

5. There are certain job titles that are scams in themselves. Such jobs should be avoided while applying. These work from home job scams include stuffing envelopes, processing, assembly jobs, etc.

6. If a company or a job ad makes promises to make you rich within days, just stay away from it. No job, no company, and no work from home can make you rich within a few days. Earning money and achieving financial success requires time and hard work. So, don’t fall for traps saying that they will make you rich within days.

7. You can also ask the employer to share the contact numbers of some current employees or ex-employees with you for reference. In this way, you will be able to know the authenticity of the company.

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