How Much Is a $500 Bill Worth Today?

$500 Bill

While talking about these 500 dollar bills in 2021, these overly sized bills have gone scarce and extinct, and are very rare to be found. 

If you are lucky enough to get your hands on a $500 bill, then you try to hold on to it for a certain period as the worth these bills come in handy with is really exceptional.  

Normally, the standard worth of these bills are considered to lie within the range of 650 to 850 dollars, but depending on the condition, the rarity, and the demand of the bill among the locals, you will be able to generate a handsome amount of profit from your note.  

The good old days are gone where you had the opportunity to withdraw a $500 bill in cash from an ATM as a crispy 500 dollar bill.

Since these bills aren’t in circulation anymore, these things have become an important collection to a collector.  

If you want to know more about these overly sized bills, or the worth they come in handy for, then you need to go through the information provided below. 

Does a $500 dollar Bill Exist Today?

The $500 bill was discontinued by the federal reserve in 1969. It’s safe to say that the $500 bill has not been around for a while now.

Since the 500 dollar bill has been discontinued for a long time, the prestige value of a 500 dollar bill has been increasing ever since.

The 500 Dollar bill is sought after by money collectors. Some money collectors value this prestige bill so much that they value it instead for hundreds of dollars. 

Since the only use of a $500 bill is restricted to being a collector’s time, it is not possible for you to find one in the ATMs or in terms of payment.

However, if you do come across one, take it as you might be able to get a great value on it! 

What a $500 dollar bill is worth today? 

As being mentioned above, most of these 500 dollar bills can come in handy with a worth of around 650 to 850 dollars.

Mainly, the worth of these bills is considered to be dependent on their rarity, demand among locals, and their conditions.

However, there are certain types of notes that can prove to have a worth of more than an average 500 dollar bill.  

  • The first gold certificate was published in 1882. This gold certificate is the most mainstream one.
  • However, depending on the seal type and signature on the bill, The bills related to this gold certificate can go up to a few thousand. 
  • As for the second type, this gold certificate was published by the U. S. Department of treasury’s Bureau of Engraving and Printing (BEP) in 1922 and is the final large size bill published.
  • Most of the bills related to this gold certificate can reach the value of up to 4000 Dollars each.
  • However, if you ensure that the bill is in tip-top condition, the value of the bill can go as hefty as up to tens of thousands of dollars.
  • As for the last and the final type of gold certificate, the $500 Dollar certificate which was printed in 1928 holds even more value than the above-mentioned options. The publication of these 500 Dollars bills was only limited to 420,000.
  • Being more limited and rare than the other types of the bills mentioned above, the value of these bills can go from between 2,000 US dollars to 15,000 US Dollars each! 


The history of the currency goes back to the time when human civilization started. Over time, there have been a lot of changes in the currency, especially when talking about the American Currency.

From Coins to elusive dollar bills such as the one mentioned in this article, the currency of the United States has come a long way. 

If you have a 500 dollar bill lying around somewhere, don’t let it go to waste, as it can hold great value and will give you some great returns.

If you find the 500 dollar bill, try your luck out by visiting a currency collector today! 

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