Why Hire A Chiller Van in Dubai?

Are you looking Chiller van hire?

The trend to hire a chiller van is increasing day by day. Business relies on these chillers and heated vans to transport foods, flowers, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and many more. The nature of these vans allows you to transport your goods from one location to another safely.

Besides, it gives you full control over your transportation needs regarding the time, change of temperature, and care of goods. Moreover, hiring chiller vans is more in trend in places, especially in Dubai, because the temperature remains high most of the year.

Furthermore, in some countries, the Food Safety legislation dictates to maintain the specific temperature of raw or cooked food. The temperature condition applies at both times at a time of loading and delivery. Otherwise, the receiving company has a full right to send back the product if the temperature condition is not satisfied.

Therefore, hiring a chiller van for business provides you with an opportunity to open new doors for you and help you grow your business.

So, we will help you know the few reasons why hire a chiller van in Dubai?

Flexibility to Grow Business

A chiller van gives you a set of circumstances to grow your business and reach out to more customers. For example, the florists may want to deliver their fresh flowers to the buyer’s door, so a chiller van is the best choice to keep them at optimum temperature during the whole journey.

Moreover, you may want to expand your customer number by providing flowers to other shops. This feature will help you open your business to more customers.

Or maybe you want to deliver raw food or proceed food at a distant location you can easily do it with the help of a chiller van. Also, you have flexibility on upsizing the fleet depending on the vehicle you select from your registered vehicle rental partner. If you’re still looking for a place where you can easily have a chiller van rental.

Manage Temperature

Chiller van provides you with the best feature for controlling the temperature of your van. Being able to control the van’s temperature is one of the necessities as it will adjust your van temperature depending on the goods you are transporting.

Moreover, hire a chiller van gives you full control over the thermostat, and besides, it has an overnight standby mode for maintaining the temperature on a long journey.

Availability of Dual Compartments

To have a chiller van, you need a hefty investment, so that’s why we Drive Cool Transport to provide you with the facility to hire a chiller van. We also provide you with a chiller van with dual compartments for adjustable temperature.

However, it is the best solution for the problem if you require a different storage temperature. Dual compartments chiller van give you a facility to manage the different temperatures of both compartments. This availability will help you cut down your time, cost, and journey if you wish to deliver the frozen and refrigerated goods by sending all goods together.

Overnight Standby Mode

All of our vans have an electrical standby system that ensures to keep the required temperature overnight. With this feature’s availability, you can sit and relax knowing that all the goods will be kept cool, even when the engine is turned off as an electrical standby kick at that time. Moreover, you no longer have to worry about the fresh produce perishing overnight.

Encourages Low scale Businesses Growth

Hiring a chiller van is the right step you take to grow your local businesses. Moreover, people tend to support local businesses and favor purchases from local businesses. If you can provide chiller transportation to keep products fresh, and will make it more straightforward to access consumers.

Furthermore, this will help you build loyal customers, your products get more commendation over common branded goods, as you make the procedure easy for them to access via chiller transportation.

Provides you with a flexible solution

You might be starting your business, or maybe you don’t have the budget to invest in purchasing the chiller vans. No Worries! Drive Cool Transport provides a solution to the problem. At Drive Cool Transport, you can rent your desirable van at a short-term or long-term lease. We have a fantastic fleet of all different sizes of vans to meet your requirements.

Moreover, these vans have different minimum cooling or freezing temperatures under the driver’s control.  We are the most reliable service in Dubai and all over UAE and provide you with the latest model and fully serviced vans to transport your goods.

Furthermore,  under our control temperature vans, you can safely transport your goods like meat, fruits, vegetables, dairy products, and poultry to their destination without any stress.

Moreover, we will assure you that you are in safe hands and are getting a quality vehicle. You can reach out to our team to hire a chiller van of your preference.

Wrap Up | Why Hire A Chiller Van in Dubai?

To sum up, delivering goods at a consistent temperature is a rule of many countries. The recipient has a full right to reject the products if they do not find the temperature they have asked for.

Furthermore, these vans provide you with versatility for multiple industries because of their ability to manually manage the vehicles’ temperature. Therefore, you can deliver various goods and satisfy the rules and regulations of food safety legislation. So, hiring a chiller van in Dubai is not less than a wise idea.

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