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Engineering is such a branch that incorporates the latest principles to design and build machines, structures, and other items including bridges, tunnels, roads, vehicles, and buildings. Engineers are skilled qualified personnel who are responsible for the design, construction, and uses of such entities. They are of several types like

  • Mechanical engineers
  • Civil engineers
  • Automobile engineers
  • Software engineers
  • Marine engineering
  • Electrical engineers
  • Electronics and Communication Engineers

Out of all these, one branch that stands out from the rest is civil engineering or in other words, we can say structural engineering. If we talk analogously then civil engineers build the world, unlike mechanical engineers that move the world. Such is the power of civil engineers. Opting for this field is a great blessing. You are converting the land into a habitat where humans and animals can live. A place to live. There are various online civil engineering software courses in the market that you can go for. Through the civil era, you can learn all these software within the appropriate time frame.


About STAAD pro

The best software to learn which is user-friendly and used widely by engineers worldwide is the STAAD pro software. Developed by Research Engineers way back in 1997 which later bought up by tech-giant Bentley systems in late 2005. It one of the most widely used structural analysis and design software. It is used to design and analyze structures for bridges, towers, buildings, transportations, and utility structures.

The latest version of STAAD pro is STAAD pro v8i which has new and improved features. To learn this software, generally few days are enough to gain sufficient knowledge in this software provided you have experience with steel design by hand and experience with finite element analysis. But for beginners, it might take months to gain proficiency in this software. Nobody is perfect still to gain that expertise it takes years for that.


System requirements for download/installing the software

Looking at the basics, now you have made up your mind to download and install the software but one thing to ask yourself. Is your system supports STAAD pro? For this, you need to look at certain system requirements which are as below. Have a look.

  • Intel Pentium or AMD processor with 3.0 GHz or higher. As of now, i3 is the basic processor modern-day system uses. Even the i7 processor is prominent on most systems. Therefore, it is obvious that your system supports the software in terms of processors.
  • Minimum 1 GB to 2 GB RAM is recommended to install the software. But if you have more RAM then that would add to the performance especially when we are working on large models.
  • For hard disk spaces, generally 500 MB is enough for the basic version to download. Still recommended would be 1 GB. This shows how system-friendly STAAD pro is if we compare it with other important software in the market.
  • Talking about the video card, often 256 MB Video RAM or higher is recommended. Though it is not must still video card will give you the optimum performance. Besides, this graphical color depth should be 24-bit or even higher.
  • Screen resolution plays a vital role in the visibility and clarity of the system. Usually, 1280X1024 is a must for your system to gain that optimum resolution for ETABS.
  • Also, certain features of STAAD Pro uses voice command. Therefore, a sound speaker with a clear voice is required.

How to download the STAAD pro software

After you have downloaded the software from the internet. The next vital step is to install which can be done through

  • Right-click on the STAAD pro and then extract the file.
  • Meanwhile, open the STAAD profile location where you need to click on setup then open the stpst20071133en.exe by running it through the administrator.
  • Wait for sometime after the process, click on install and then follow the instruction by clicking on ‘Next’ till the time it gets finish. You don’t need to enter the site activation key in the process.
  • After implementing the whole process, close the dialog box that popped up where we clicked on the “install” button at the very start.
  • After the entire process gets complete. Now, open the STAAD pro which is for 15 days trial period after which you can install the crack version.


 Basics about STAAD pro

The good thing about STAAD pro is that all kinds of structures can be analyzed by this software. A structure is the assemblage of elements. Here,

  • Nodes become joint which has the number and XYZ coordinates
  • Beam becomes a member which also has the number and nodes at its end.
  • Plates become element which has the nodes at its corner plus the number

While we operate the STAAD pro, there are various types of cursors. It is important to know these cursors before proceeding forward. All types of cursors at STAAD pro are as follows

  • Solids cursor
  • Nodes cursor
  • Plates cursor
  • Geometry cursor
  • Surface cursor
  • Beam cursor


There are three method of model generation that is

  • Snap node methods
  • Coordinate method
  • Copy-paste method

Anything model or geometry can be created using these three methods of model generation.

Now as we have designed the model. The next vital step is to analyze that particular geometrical model. There are two types of loads or we can say it as the weight that occurs on it which are Live load and dead load. Dead load is the loads that include the self-weight of the structure whereas live load is a superimposed load.


Final summary 

I am sure now you have got the idea about this key civil engineering design software through this article. If you found it useful and informative then don’t forget to share it with your civil engineering friends so that they too get the benefit from this article. Thanks for stopping by. Have a great day.


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