Everything You Need To Know About Hepatitis

Have you ever realized how busy your liver is throughout the lifetime? You might now have realized yet, but according to studies our liver is one of the busiest organs in our body and it also holds the position of one of the largest organs in the human body. The liver performs many tasks. It is your liver only that converts the food you intake into useful substances that can be later used by our body. If the liver stops working, then there is no meaning in eating food because it will only be stored in our body and not be utilized. The liver produces the most essential protein and bile juice up to 4 cups a day which break down the carbs and other nutrients. This yellow-green liquid enables our body to absorb fats and gives us strength. No doubt gall bladder also performs the same task but the gallbladder isn’t a useful organ in this era as it used to be thousands of years back.

Now you know the importance of the liver in our body, but what if it is attacked by any viral infection? The liver is one of the most prone organs to get affected by any viral infection which can cause inflammation and this condition is called Hepatitis. There are various types of hepatitis mainly A, B, C, D, and E. Some of this hepatitis will cause small discomfort and then will automatically be cured by our body, but some of them are so dangerous that they can even be deadly like chronic hepatitis C. Hepatitis can be caused because of many reasons like autoimmune disease or toxic exposure. When the liver is inflated because of any external source, then it isn’t able to perform its task normally which can severely affect our health. There are many things which you should know about hepatitis. This article will cover all the major things which you need to know about hepatitis. Let’s start.

Signs and Symptoms of Hepatitis

There are various signs and symptoms of hepatitis. Some doctors state that hepatitis has similar symptoms as the flu. Let’s pinpoint some of the common signs of hepatitis.

  • Fever
  • Joint pains
  • Drowsiness
  • Muscles aches
  • Weakness
  • Nausea
  • Headache
  • Vomiting
  • Appetite loss
  • Dark urine
  • Light clay-colored stools
  • Always being sleepy
  • Feeling low every time
  • Abdominal discomfort
  • Jaundice

There were some of the common symptoms of hepatitis. Some other common signs include yellowing of the whites of the eyes, constipation, and accumulation of bilirubin.

If you are facing most of these symptoms, then it is recommended to take a blood test as soon as possible which will easily identify the virus.

How Hepatitis is transmitted?

Hepatitis A is a communicable disease that can spread from person to person. If you are ingesting food or drinking water from infected persons, then this will cause transmission of the virus inside your body. Raw shellfish or polluted water can also spread Hepatitis A. It is also transmitted through water which contains fecal matter.

Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C can be spread from intercourse between two couples so it is an STD also. It can also be transmitted from other bodily fluids after infected blood. Doctors and other co-workers in hospitals or clinics are more vulnerable to such diseases because of blood exposure. Hepatitis D and E can be spread through the sharing of needles while taking drugs and doing unprotected sex.

There is not any treatment for hepatitis C yet. It should be prevented at the utmost importance. There is vaccination of hepatitis B, which is given during the birth of a baby.

Types of Hepatitis

As mentioned above, there are various types of hepatitis. Hepatitis A, B, C are some of the most common hepatitis but there are other two forms of hepatitis D and E. Out of these 5 forms, hepatitis C is the most dangerous strain and is incurable yet. According to stats, only 16,000 people lost their lives because of hepatitis C. The virus is progressing very slowly but causes devastating damage to our liver. Let’s discuss in brief each type of hepatitis.

Hepatitis A (HAV)

Hepatitis A is also one of the most dangerous diseases in the human generation. It can cause acute liver diseases but the good part about this disease is that it can be automatically cured by our body. Though the symptoms of hepatitis A can cause weakness and severe fever in adults which can ruin almost a full month. Symptoms are more severe in adults when compared to children.

Hepatitis A is most commonly caused by raw shellfish from contaminated water. It is a communicable disease that can transfer from one person to another through various modes like saliva, blood, sweat extra. It can also be transmitted via desensitized water carrying stool of infected people. Although you need not be worried about the disease much, if not cured on time then it can be deadly too.

Some common symptoms of Hepatitis A are diarrhea, stomach upset, fever, and jaundice. There should be some preventive measures that you should take to avoid this HAV, and they are as follows.

  • Always clean the toilet seat when using a public washroom.
  • Purify water before drinking it.
  • Use condoms, and other tools to stop the spread of STDs.
  • Always wash your hands with soap and water or with the help of Hand Sanitizers.
  • Eat food from trusted sources.

Hepatitis can be cured with a vaccine that is easily available in the market. The vaccine is for children who are above one year old. It develops immunity inside the body which can fight against hepatitis A.

Hepatitis B (HBV)

Hepatitis B virus has one of the fastest recovery rates because it doesn’t cause much severe infection. Its recovery rate is 85% and is mostly caused by eating bad salad. It is one of the most common strains of hepatitis. An infected mother can transmit this disease to her child during pregnancy. 15% percent of incurable patients develop this disease into cancer of the liver which is deadly. Sharing needles is also the major source of transmission of this disease.

Only 25% of adults are vaccinated against this virus. If left untreated, it can cause liver cancer also. There are almost 2.2 million citizens in the U.S. who are infected by this disease. There are preventive measures which you should take to avoid this disease and they are as follows.

  • Never insert used needles in the body.
  • Cure it ASAP when you see the symptoms.
  • Have protected sex
  • Use Disinfectants and Wipes to remove germs from hands.
  • Never use shaving blades and other accessories.

Although the vaccine for Hepatitis B is easily available in the market, you should still consult your doctor before taking any medication. There are some HBV vaccines like HEPLISAV-B which are considered most effective against HBV.

Hepatitis C (HCV)

Here comes the deadliest of all strains of hepatitis, Hepatitis C or HCV. Yes, no doubt it is one of the most dangerous diseases, incurable and communicable diseases but there are certain rumors about this disease. People think that it is transmitted through hugging, kissing, sharing lip balm, drinking water from used water bottles, drinking milk from the breast, and many more. But, none of them is true. It is a blood-borne disease and not spread through saliva or any other thing. This means that it cannot spread through lip kisses, hugs, breastfeed, or any other thing. It can only be transmitted through blood.

You can be infected from tattoo shop needles, razors, unprotected intercourse, sharing needles while taking drugs, and other blood contacts. The most dangerous part about this disease is that 80% of people who are infected with this disease aren’t showing any symptoms. If your weight is reducing gradually, you should immediately consult your doctor. There are some preventive measures that you should take to stop the spread of this disease.

  • Never share used needles.
  • Sanitize the needle while making a tattoo at a tattoo shop.
  • Sanitise equipment while doing the piercing.
  • Never have unprotected sex
  • Avoid blood contact with anyone

Here were some preventive measures to stop the spread of hepatitis C. Well, hepatitis is still incurable. Doctors and scientists are trying their best to find the vaccine for this deadly disease. There are some effective drugs present in the market but they aren’t available for all and show side-effects. You need to consult your doctor before taking any kind of drugs or meds from any medical store. There are only less than 10% of HCV patients who are receiving proper diagnoses around the world.

Hepatitis D (HDV)

Hepatitis D is a rare but vital type of strain. It mostly appeared in conjunction with HBV. It is considered the most severe form of hepatitis because it is caused by an incomplete virus. You are only at risk of HDV if you are suffering from HBV. There are more than 240 million patients around the world who are suffering from HBV, out of them, 20 million are also suffering from HDV which is quite a fair ratio.

You can be cured of HDV with the help of the HBV vaccine. Also, on a good note, a separate vaccine of HDV is in progress which can immediately cure hepatitis D.

Hepatitis E (HEV)

The rarest strain of hepatitis is hepatitis E. Hepatitis E is also transmitted through infected water and raw shellfish. The strain matches Hepatitis A with many references. The precautions are the same as discussed for HAV, and they are. Pregnant women are at greater risk for hepatitis E.

  • Always clean the toilet seat when using a public washroom.
  • Purify water before drinking it.
  • Use condoms, and other tools to stop the spread of STDs.
  • Always wash your hands with soap and water.
  • Eat food from trusted sources.
  • Boil deer meat and chicken before eating.

Like HAV, there is not any specific treatment for Hepatitis E. But, it can be cured easily of our antibodies and vaccines. Consult your doctor before taking any meds.

There were types of hepatitis mentioned. In any case, you should always consult your doctor. If managed and treated properly, hepatitis is a curable disease. You just have to be careful enough every time to avoid coming in contact with an infected person. Although there are vaccinations present for Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B, you still need to avoid your exposure to blood as much as possible. If you are a doctor, get vaccinated as soon as possible. Do not involve in intercourse without any contraceptive. They are important in many ways and can prevent many STDs.

This is everything you need to know about Hepatitis. Remember, prevention is always better than cure. So, if you face any sort of such symptoms, immediately consult your doctor. Time to end the article, Be safe, Be healthy, and don’t forget to review the article in the comment section below.

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