Everything You Need To Know About Hair Fall And Hair Shedding

Let us begin with a strange fact. American Hair Loss Association has clearly stated after extensive research that when eighty-five percent of American men reach the age of seniority, that is, fifty years old, they will experience hair fall or hair shedding noticeably.

It is a source of mental distress for both men and women. It can be embarrassing for many, if not all. However, one can find bleak hope amidst such situations. Hair fall and hair shedding might cause a significant decrease in self-confidence. This can be easily detrimental to the psychological health of both sexes.

Before we proceed further with the discussion, let us differentiate hair fall and hair shedding. Often, they are considered to be the same mistakenly.

Hair loss versus hair shedding –

Have you been finding a considerable amount of strands of hair stuck on your hairbrush? Are you alarmed about this loss of hair? It is natural to be concerned, but you have to keep in mind that you might be experiencing hair shedding instead of hair fall.

Where lies the difference between hair fall and hair shedding?

The most primal aspect of difference is present in the causes of these phenomena. So, let us figure out the causes of hair fall and hair shedding respectively.

  • Generally, you can notice the shedding of your hair after you have given birth to a child after you have faced a prolonged period of stress, after you have lost a considerable amount of weight, and ultimately when you are trying to recuperate after an illness. It is usually temporary. If you find out that it is becoming severe with time, then it is not hair shedding, but hair loss.
  • Hair loss can be detected when there is a hindrance in the growth of new hair. It can be a hereditary cause or it can also be due to the weakening of your immunity. When we talk about cancer patients, it has come to evidence that they face hair loss because of chemotherapy. You might also have to consult with a dermatologist in case you are facing difficulty in hair growth due to your low-maintenance.

What do you mean by hair fall during summer?

Summers can be bliss. Also, summers can induce hair fall. Hair fall happens at an expanding rate during summers as our bodies try to give our heads a cooling effect. It is no secret that the presence of hair performs the function of insulation which isn’t needed during summers. However, some measures can be taken to effectively control hair loss.

How to stop hair fall during summer?

●     Will a coconut oil massage help?

Yes, it will. It is, undoubtedly, warming, rejuvenating and wonderful for both senses and hair. It helps in growing new strands of hair by stimulating normal flow to your scalp. If you want thick yet smooth and shiny hair, then do massage with coconut oil at least thrice every week.

●     Will staying hydrated and eating a nutrient-rich diet help you to control hair fall?

Certain nutrients are mandatory for lessening hair fall during summer and otherwise. The nutrients are – Vitamins C and D, iron, dry fruits including walnuts or almonds, biotin, and even niacin. The summer season is equivalent to profuse sweating. This causes the breaking off of hair strands. Hence, drink at least three liters of water on an average every single day. In case you want to substitute water, then eat watermelons and cucumbers.

●     Will a reduction in heat styling methods and an increase in hair conditioning methods do a turnover in reducing hair fall?

There are quite a few home remedies for hair fall which include a mask for deep hair conditioning. Let us see the ingredients required for this hair mask – two eggs, apple cider vinegar, honey, and olive oil. Hair breakage and hair thinning can accentuate if you use heat styling. So, it is better for the health of your hair if you stop doing it altogether.

Bottom line –

  1. Ensure that you take care of your scalp by keeping it dry yet clean all the time.
  2. Use shampoo thrice every week if shampooing on every alternate day isn’t possible.
  3. Don’t tie up your wet hair.
  4. To avoid getting dandruff on your hair, protect your scalp from sweat as well as dust particles.
  5. You should maintain an optimum level of blood flow to your scalp. For this, do engage in physical workout or yoga every day.

Can coronavirus cause hair loss?

There is one more reason for following safety tips at home and outside to combat covid-19. The list of bad consequences seems to be increasing every day. If you have or had been tested positive for covid-19 and have been experiencing hair fall after that, then can you blame the virus?

Yes, you can.

After much research, it has been found out that this ‘shock loss of hair isn’t too uncommon. This symptom is also known as telogen effluvium. How does this happen?

If you are experiencing shock loss, then most hair strands are pushed towards the shedding stage in a period that seems to be too short. Fortunately, this hair loss isn’t permanent. With some time and proper care, they will grow back. So, don’t start fretting and incur more stress.

What do we suggest to you so that you do not allow coronavirus to cause hair loss?

  • Wear a mask at all costs outside your home. In case you need to know anything about masks, go through this definitive face mask guide.
  • Maintain a safe distance from people when you interact physically in social events.

What can trigger your hair to fall out all of a sudden?

The question of the hour is – how much hair fall is normal and how to identify whether it is normal or not?

  • If you are losing somewhere between fifty to a hundred strands of hair each day, then it is not abnormal. It wouldn’t be noticeable too unless the loss of hair is more than the number mentioned before.

Our final words of wisdom –

The question that matters is what the triggers for hair fall and hair shedding are.

  1. If your hormones are imbalanced.
  2. If you are stressed excessively.
  3. If you are suffering from anemia.
  4. If you have hypothyroidism.
  5. If there is a deficiency of Vitamin B12 in your body.
  6. If you are aging which is normal.
  7. If you have undergone massive weight loss suddenly.

Now, you know everything you needed to know about hair fall and hair shedding. From causes to preventive measures, we have informed you about every necessary detail. So, go and gulp down the vitamins, strengthen your quality of hair by following our tips. As long as your hair isn’t like a haystack and is on point, you have nothing to be anxious about.

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