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These are the top-quality models available in their respective categories. Retractable screen doors are the best option for your home. Enjoy the fresh air and an easy connection to the outdoors.


The Andersen Lumin Aire Single Retractable Sliding Screen Door is simple to set up. You don’t need to trim, and the installation will take only about 30 minutes. The Lumin Aire screen door has a nearly transparent appearance when closed. This gives it an incredibly subtle appearance.


The door opens easily with one hand. It also features a lockable latch that provides additional security. This screen door boasts reinforced corners that increase durability and lasts longer. The Lumin Aire has a choice of four frame options: black, bronze, sandstone, or bronze. A color-matched handle can also be added to the exterior for coordinating with different exteriors.


Aluminum screen doors can be paired with any single hinged inswing door. They can be adjusted to fit door frames ranging from 31 7/8 to 36 3/4 inches. The screen tracks smaller than 31 7/8 inches wide must be modified by a hacksaw and a metal file. This item can be installed either left- or right-handed. This model will not fit with patio doors.


Larson Brisa Standard Two-Retractable Screen Door Door is sure to deliver the best value. Larson’s EZ Glide System ensures that your door retracts smoothly every time. You have the option of choosing from one of four finishes for your door. Choose from white or sandstone as well as brown, brown, and black.


Genius Retractable Screen – Premier Window Coverings

This screen door comes with an ergonomic handle, which makes it easy to operate one-handed. To keep someone from accidentally walking by your Retractable screen door, the manufacturer created a subtle stripes pattern on the screen.


Larson Brisa offers a quick-snap track as well as a rustproof aluminum housing. It’s easily adjustable to fit doors ranging in width from 68 inches to 72 inches. It can be installed using a drill or a screwdriver. For smaller openings, a hacksaw will be needed to cut the tracks.


Flux Phenom Reinforced, Magnetic Screen Doors are considerably cheaper than other retractable screen doors. The magnetic closure runs across the screen and opens like a curtain. 


The magnets release when the user walks through the door. Once you are through the door, the 26 strong magnetics close the mesh behind. Pets can pass through this mesh to enter your house or yard without difficulty.


Retractable screen doors are easy to install. The perimeter of the retractable screen door has metal thumb tacks with hook-and-loop closures to attach to an opening. It also includes adhesive strips for additional security.


Flux Phenom adjusts to fit any door up to 38″ wide and 82″ tall. The thick, black mesh boasts a high thread count and reinforced edges for more excellent durability.


Larson Brisa Short Double Retractable Screen Door allows for fresh air to flow through French doors. It comes with a full view screen so that you can see the entire yard and anyone walking by. To stop someone from accidentally walking through this door, the manufacturer has added subtle stripes to it.


The innovative EZ Glide System makes it easy to open and close doors with just one hand. This door can be locked overnight or at any other time. This screen door is easy to install and takes just 30 minutes. Because the aluminum housing is rust-free, it won’t take long to install.


This widescreen screen door can fit into door frames measuring between 68 and 72 inches. For doors less than 68 in. wide, a hacksaw will be required to adjust the metal tracks.


Andersen offers an Aluminum Retractable Anytime Storm Door to provide additional protection against the environment and energy efficiency. It has a glass outer with a retractable aluminum screen that can be folded up into the frame for storage. Choose from tempered clear, which is designed to break down safely into sharp pieces instead of short pieces; Low E glass improves efficiency by 29 percent; and durable type of decorative glasses in one of the two styles.


This storm door comes with a retractable aluminum screen. It can be operated by one hand. To let fresh air enter your home, slide the upper glass panels down. When the screen is complete, simply slide down the upper glass panel. It is possible to prop up the storm door by pushing the button at the base. Just open the door and tap it with your foot to keep it open.


The Andersen Anytime Storm Door is made with double-layer weather-stripping along the top, sides, and bottom. This provides a watertight seal. Additional security and comfort are provided by the keyed deadbolt locks. The door can fit into 80-inch door openings. The door arrives pre-assembled. All you need is a power drill and a screwdriver to put it together.


Brisa Tall Rectangular Screen Door fits taller door frames. It’s available in two sizes for 96- or 97-inch openings. Larson’s EZ-Glide System allows for smooth, quiet retraction. The mesh screen has a subtle, striped pattern that improves visibility and prevents people from accidentally walking across it. For extra security, this door also features an ergonomic handle with a locking latch.


This retractable door can be installed easily in tall door frames 32 to 36 inches in diameter using a power drill. If your doors are smaller than 32 inches in diameter, you can adjust the track using a hacksaw. You will need a 1″ by 1″ mounting surface to mount this door. Paintings, rust-free track, and aluminum housing require no maintenance.


Another low-cost, hands-free magnetic curtain model is Dysome’s screen door. This sturdy, anti-tear fiberglass has a high number of threads, making it suitable for places with a lot more traffic and homes with kids. The curtain-style design has 26 strong magnets that seal and open the middle of the screen. After children, pets, and adults have passed through the opening, the magnets will pull down the screen to close it again.


Dyson’s magnetic door has six magnets at the bottom that provide stability and protect it from being blown open by windy days. The screen will fit double doors that measure 70 by 79 inches. There are also two other sizes for doors that measure 36 by 99 inches and 37 inches. The screen is supplied with additional support nails as well as a hook and loop closure.


Retractable Screen Doors: What Are the Advantages?


Retractable screen door

A screen door will allow you to have fresh airflow throughout your home. Retractable screens come in many sizes to suit different door types, such as French and double doors. Many options are available for mesh color, weave pattern, frame finish, and frame colors. You can match the color scheme and frames with the various visibility levels.

Most retractable screen doors open much faster than traditional doors. Many models offer one-hand operation, while curtain-style screens can simply be pulled open by touching the screen. These screens are designed so that they can be retracted when not in use.

Retractable screening doors permit fresh airflow while keeping bugs and other debris out.


Retractable screen doors are available in various sizes and finish options.


FAQs about Retractable Screen Door

You can find answers to frequently asked questions here about retractable screens doors.


How do retractable screen doors be installed?


Install retractable screens doors on the door sill/door trim. Even though every model is unique in its own way, there are many products that require you to connect the screen’s housing to the track system and attach it to your door frame.

Some screen doors are easy to install and require minimal tools. Others may require special tools. Reviewing the installation instructions will help you decide whether you need any special tools. Also, it will let you know if the tracks or screen need to be cut to fit your door opening.

How do you clean retractable screening doors?

To clean the frame and screen of your retractable door screen, use warm soapy water with a soft cloth at least twice a year.

Can retractable screens doors be opened to allow in rain/wind?

The screen’s mesh weave determines the answer. Weaving mesh screens with tighter weaves won’t allow in as much wind or rain as open-weave screens. On rainy, windy days, it might be better to close your main doors.


Do retractable screens doors lock?

Retractable screen doors have a latch on the inside to provide extra security.

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