Do Not Compromise. Look For These Things In A Primary School

Are you looking Primary School?

When children are born, a promise that parents make to themselves and their little ones is to ensure they provide the best of everything to their child. It covers the child’s health as well as their mental abilities and acumen to deal with the world at large. Since children are most influenced by teachers and peers at school, parents spend months deciding on the school for their child.

But, one common mistake that many parents make is looking only at the pre-primary level. It is important to remember that a primary school is also one of the most critical phases in a child’s overall development. All parents want to be sure that they are enrolling their child in the right school. It should come as no surprise that parents demand a caring and safe environment where children can learn, grow, and develop their potential.

But how to make the best choice? Start with planning early, and following the tips below may help you while searching for an excellent primary school.

Look for a school within your vicinity.

A school near your home is a total win-win situation. It will save time on commuting – twice a day. A longer distance will result in long travelling hours, which will exhaust the child. It can lead to both stress and irritability.  Another option you can consider is a school near your workplace. Do remember, in case of an emergency, it’s much easier to reach a school that’s near your home or office. Note: A good school can make a difference to how your child interacts with their surrounding and emotional stability. Parents should look at what the school offers and weigh it against their expectations and distance when taking a decision. 

Imbibe in the school’s environment.

When you want the best education for your child, it is important to take a tour of the school to help understand the environment. Take note of the space and furniture in the classrooms. Is there enough space for children’s activities? Are there separate playgrounds for the primary school children? Notice if the school feels inviting and warm when you visit the campus. Is it free-flowing with a creative environment? Are students happy and engaged? Try and visit on a school day. Observe how the students interact with each other?

You can right away feel if the school is the right fit for your child. If you feel welcome in the school, your child will feel the same. So pay attention to the school’s unique culture.

Look for children’s activities.

Children’s activities are one of the best ways to judge the quality of teaching at a school. Does the school have an extensive library? Are there designated playgrounds for younger and older children? Even if you are seeking admission only at the primary level, you can observe the classes of high school students. It will allow you to judge the school’s focus on each child as they grow. 

Find out about parent participation

It is very important to look for a school where parent participation is encouraged. Do teachers share reviews with the parents? Are parents encouraged to ask questions? Can parents reach out to teachers and counsellors if the need for intervention arises? These questions will give you an indication of the value that a school places on a child’s development. Children’s active engagement in the classrooms with constructive remarks on workbooks and assignments reveals a lot for a Primary School’s education quality.

Look for other academic activities.

Soft skills development is a vital part of the current education system. Activities like sports, drama, music, arts, etc., are an indispensable part of today’s curriculum. Many schools also offer to hold support programs for the students. Extra classes after school hours to help children in their academics and many sports activities. Schools that focus on extracurricular and co-curricular activities stand apart from the crowd.

Look for schools with international teaching methodologies

International schools in Tokyo with international teaching methodology will make the perfect environment for holistic development of your child. A CBSE curriculum will help learn maths, languages and sciences. An international teaching methodology will focus on other aspects like dance, performing arts, sports, innovation, creativity, entrepreneurship, leadership, care and community and more. Together, they will help your child develop their natural talents and excel. 


It is often impossible to get all the things you want in the right school – however a general survey with local enquiry helps parents choose a school, which is fit for your child’s overall development. A good curriculum supported by quality teachers is desirable for practical teaching standards. Going through the various work assignments that students are doing in school helps provide a fair idea for a school’s standards.

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