How to Take Care of Your Jeans: The Complete Guide

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A pair of jeans is among one of the things that many men hold dear. After all, a well-worn piece is an extension of your personality. Also, one often shares a lot of different instances with their favorite pair such as spilled beers, and dashes to the bus. But no matter if the fabric of jeans starts to wear out, men will always find it difficult to let go of them. Therefore, eventually, the pair will begin to smell like what it is frequently exposed to. However, if the jeans get rugged beyond repair, it is best to think of purchasing another pair. Or, just be more careful with them so you can ensure that they last long. But how can one take care of their jeans? Well, this guide will answer exactly that.

How Frequently Should You Give Your Jeans a Wash?

According to the CEO of Levi’s Chip Bergh, you should never consider washing your jeans. In fact, Bergh shared that he did not give his favorite 501s a wash in over a decade simply because he didn’t want the material to deteriorate. While denim might be the toughest material in your collection but it is not so hard in the washing machine where strong detergents and warm water can change its color and shape. Also, washing khaki pants should also be avoided.

The toughness of the material does depend on the kind of jeans you own. Cheap jeans are normally pre-washed to make the fabric soft and also to prevent the material from shrinking. They won’t last long as compared to the other types. So, it is okay to wash them often in the washing machine if you want to.

Then there is raw denim. It doesn’t go through any artificial aging process or industrial washing. Therefore, it is advised not to put them in the washing machine often. You should at least wait for 120 days before you give your jeans its first wash. And when you do, it will feel and look very different. One tip is to read the label that is inside the garment before you think of washing it. This will let you know about different topics such as if the pair should be ironed or not.

How Should You Wash Your Jeans?

There is no need to wash your jeans whenever you see a light stain on the pair. Instead, a baby wipe would do the trick! It will delicately remove any grass mark or odd spill. When your denim just needs to be washed and there is no other option left then it is recommended to turn the jeans inside out and then do so very carefully at a low temperature.

If in case the piece is dark in color then wash it separately and use a gentle detergent. This will prevent the jeans from color loss or white streaks. Moreover, it is best if you wash the denim with your hands. You can even consider investing in a dry wash spray that will not only remove the odors but will also soften the fabric.

How to Eliminate White Streaks from Your Jeans?

One of the horrific things that could happen to a denim lover is to find white streaks on his/her favorite pair whenever he/she takes it out from the washing machine. They appear on the piece because of the harsh chemicals used while washing. Therefore, it is ideal to use the powder-based detergent which will minimize the risk of white streaks materializing on the jeans. If you think that these streaks appeared because of color fading then you can always re-dye the pair to fix it.

Repairing Your Jeans

Distressed jeans have been in trend for quite some time. But when things go too far and the pair that you own appears to be blown out, then you should think twice before throwing it away. When you purchase raw denim, you may think that it is impossible to tear. However, the truth is that the stiff twill of your pair will start to soften over time, causing it to tear or rip easily. In such a case, it is advised to get some professional help. There are a lot of brands that offer repair services. So, reach out to them and see if they can fix the pair.

Get Your Jeans Tailored

If you think that only suits can be tailored then you are wrong! You can get your favorite jeans tailored too according to your fitting. This will help you upgrade your style. Plus, not to forget how comfortable you would feel in them. After all, American made clothing screams comfort and style. If you own true raw denim then you can expect its dye to be left on other items. You can avoid it by pin rolling your pair but remember that it will have its own pitfalls. For instance, doing so can leave a big crease along the bottom. If you really dig the rolled look then make sure to unroll it when you reach home.


Jeans can undoubtedly stand the test of time but sooner or later, it will start to show the signs of wear and tear. But you can increase the longevity of the piece by taking care of the pair by keeping in mind the above-mentioned practices. However, if the jeans that you own have lived their purpose then do remember that you can recycle them. It is hoped that this guide helped you out!

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