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Civil engineering is one of the most prestigious fields of engineering in the global market. One such field that incorporates all the facades of things that builds the entire world. Without civil or structural engineering, the earth is like a green and blue planet, where green is the land and blue is the water body. The basic habitat of all living creatures on this earth is the home. And the place where you work to earn your living is your office. The places that bestow us with a high standard of living are the roads, dams, bridges, etc.

But to work on such engineering prospects, we need to know certain computational techniques or in other words, we can say it as computation software. This software is known as civil engineering software. Wide varieties of civil engineering training are there that sum up the entire civil engineering.


7 types of civil engineering software courses

Below I have bought the top 7 civil engineering software courses which should be remembered by all the users. It is beneficial for you in a long run. Have a look.


Microsoft Excel– on top of the list is the online spreadsheet which is developed by Microsoft that helps in efficient calculations, graphic tools, pivot tables, and visual basics for wide applications. The main job of Microsoft Excel is to organize data and perform various kinds of business activities. It is one such software that is used across all kinds of business as well as personal entities. It specifies the calculation in a more organized way.

The best thing about Microsoft Excel is that it can be used online free of cost where you can perform the same function which you do without downloading the software.

Primavera p6– it is the project and portfolio management tool by Oracle which is used for planning, managing, and executing your project work. It is made to handle large projects in several industries such as construction, energy, or information technology. Primavera p6 is active for 30 years that denotes its importance in the modern market.

It is used by project managers who are in charge of delivering a project. Even engineers, schedulers, and others who do management and reporting can operate the software with ease. Though, it is extremely user-friendly but still proper online training is must gain proficiency in this software.

Autodesk Maya- it is specifically a computer graphics application that runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux. It was invented by Alias System Corporation way back in 1998 and developed by Autodesk.

The first Hollywood movie that used Autodesk Maya was a dinosaur that was released in 2000. Though its use isn’t that much still the best use that it does in civil engineering is the rendering which can be done with utmost efficiency.

Autodesk 3ds max- it is the professional 3D computer graphics program for making 3D animations, models, and images. Initially, it was developed by Autodesk in 1996 but the stable release was on Aug 26, 2020, which is almost six months ago. Nowadays, it has been used for gaming purposes. Also, it is used by civil engineers for 3D visualization. Apart from that, it is also used for rendering the drawing more attractively. It has the control feature in rendering settings. You can even download the free trial of one month free of cost through Autodesk where the minimum internet speed requirement is 10 MBPS. But if you want to buy this software then it cost around 96760 INR.

Autodesk AutoCAD 3D Civil- yet another vital software from Autodesk that was invented in December 1982. This software is widely used by civil and structural engineers worldwide for designing and analysis of buildings, roads, bridges, dams, and canals. I should have kept it on top of my list because AutoCAD is the number one software if we talk about any kind of designing related to mechanical or civil engineering.

You can download this software free of cost from the Autodesk website but only the trial version can be downloaded which is valid for three years. But for that, we need to create an account on Autodesk.

Revit structure– Revit structure is the building information modeling software that is used widely by structural engineers worldwide that provide feature-rich tools that enable its clients to work with higher speed and efficiency. But the negative point over here, that it can’t be used for structural analysis.

You have to first model the element then considering the analytical modeling, you need to remodel the analysis program then redraw the drawing with your comfort.

For learning this software, normally a few days are enough but to gain the expertise, even a few months are less which you need to consider before opting for this software. Approximately three months is more than enough for this software.

Microsoft project- yet another software by Autodesk but here it is the project management software unlike the primavera which is the project and portfolio management tool. The vital software that creates a budget based on assignments assigned to the civil engineer. In simple terms, if we need to define the Microsoft project, then it is the software that does all the accounting work related to large projects.

Not only that, but it also has a free plan which the user can avail. Apart from that all plans are paid costing around $7 per user/month.


Above are all the seven important software for civil engineers that are used most widely nowadays. This software is not restricted only to designing but there is certain software like Microsoft project, Maya, and 3D max which are used for rendering as well as accountings.

Every civil engineering aspirant should learn this software which is fruitful for the long run and will benefit you largely in the coming future.

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