Circuit Breaker Box Basics For Each Residence Proprietor

The electricity that flows from your utility company’s line passes via the meter and into the principle circuit breaker panel. This leaves you and your loved ones susceptible to electric hazards from your property appliances, HVAC system, and the digital tools and electric shocks, burns and fires can do serious damage to life and property.

The circuit breaker, the wire and even the wire insulation are all designed to work as a system-and that system has limits. Attempt to push extra present by a circuit than it’s designed for and issues start happening (Fig. B). Wires heat up underneath the burden of carrying the excess current. When this occurs, ва55 41 344730 1000а the insulation around the wire can degrade or even melt. When insulation melts, present is now not confined within the wire. That’s when fires start. Luckily, the circuit breaker senses the excess current and “trips” to stop the circulation of power before harm happens.

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