Choose and match clothes with a men’s hoodie in a fat / thin body

When the weather is colder, from the breeze passing until the freezing cold comes, the boys show off their winter street style.

And the hoodie has always been the hottest item in recent years. But is your body shape suitable for wearing this item? Let’s explore with Kamfashion how to choose clothes suitable for each body shape and how to coordinate clothes with the hoodie so that it is beautiful!

Which hoodie style suits your body best?

The first step to being able to dress in beautiful and fashionable men’s hoodie is to understand your own body shape and the ways that best suit your body shape.

Weight (fat / thin)

Thin / light-weight guys

If you are thin or below average, wear hoodies that are lined with extra linings to avoid sagging around your waist, which will make you look bigger. If you have a strong body, thin hoodies will be perfect for you as well. In both cases, you should also limit shirts that don’t have a zipper.

Big fat guys

If you have a chubby figure, make sure your shirt doesn’t draw people’s attention to your belly. The top point you need to keep in mind is a comfortable shirt, but also ensure the factor that makes your body look slimmer.

Choosing an oversized hoodie can draw people’s attention away from your fat stature if you are taller than average, but if your height is limited – it will backfire, making Your body looks bigger.


Dwarf mushrooms

If you have a modest height, the first thing you should avoid is oversized or oversized hoodies. These oversized shirts or longer than usual will make you look fuller, drawing people’s attention to your somewhat short weight and height. Instead, choose hoodies that don’t fall below your waist, prefer ones with a moderate thickness that fits your body and whose sleeves aren’t long enough to cover your ankles. .

Tall guys

If you are a little bit taller than average height, the first thing you need to do is find out the exact length of the shirt. You should choose for yourself a shirt that is longer or larger than usual, as long as they are not short on your waist. Pay attention to check the quality of the fabric as hoodies can often shrink during the laundry process, which should make you consider buying a larger size than usual.

How to mix clothes with a true Hoodie?

Area by color

First, notice the four most popular colors of the hoodie (black, white, navy, and gray), their combinations with other fashion items are endless. Check out a few street-inspired outfits below.

Black hoodie:

For a cool set of clothes, put on your hoodie with zippered jackets in a tone sur tone black outfit. This combination is not only easy to imitate but also helps you update the latest autumn and winter fashion trends

Navy blue hoodie:

You don’t have to dress up too fussy, all you need is to wear your navy blue hoodie with a denim jacket with black jeans. While the hoodie and jeans are relatively similar in color, the difference between the textures adds depth to the outfit.

Gray hoodie:

A wardrobe with timeless items is always everyone’s dream, gray hoodies are always a great choice for any man’s wardrobe, they are said to be one of the most beautiful hooded coat to date While the possibilities of matching a gray hoodie with other items are endless, navy jogger pants will be a smart choice if you don’t know what to wear today.

Although it is arguably the most difficult to face, if you are not the one who easily makes stupid mistakes like letting drinks or food splashes on your shirt, a white hoodie will be a good choice to wear on the occasion of autumn and winter. The easiest way to look good on it is to match it with other fashion items with contrasting colors such as a black coat.

Style by design

Zipper hoodie

For one reason or another that this hoodie is always popular with guys, one of the reasons are the comfort and airiness that their zippers provide instead of the usual discreetness. pullovers hoodie shirts. With this type of shirt, give priority to choosing shirts with good quality and high cotton ratio.

A fitting hoodie

A hoodie that fits well with 100% cotton or a few% elastane will give you a stretch around the sleeves or at the bottom. These are two of the many versatile materials available for a hoodie with sophisticated color and elasticity.

Choose a hoodie for men according to your body type

When buying a hoodie, it’s important that they really fit your body. Boys with a larger body should not automatically choose spacious oversized shirts, instead choose shirts with a moderate width.

For those with a slim body, what you need is not only a shirt that fits your body shape but also has to respond well in fashion to create your own style.

The hoodie comes in a variety of styles and colors so be sure to find the one that best suits your style.

The hoodie is made from a variety of materials such as cotton or sherpa/borg (imitation wool, fur). So please consider carefully to choose the material that best suits the body as well as the weather outside.


Since the 90s, the appearance of hoodies has returned as one of the most prominent men’s fashion items on the street. Whether you know it or not, it’s a great demonstration of how couture brands affect all of us.

The revival of the hoodie has been pervasive and without a doubt adds it to your wardrobe. There are hoodies that fit all men’s body styles, so read on and try to find out what works best for you!

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