Cardiff offers personalized borrower insurance, savings solutions with innovative support, and various life insurance policies. Its offer is based on the promise of new products and services to its policyholders. To keep it up, the bancassurer is betting on artificial intelligence and robotics.

Artificial intelligence and Robotics allow Cardiff to offer innovative and personalized offers

The first use by Cardiff of artificial intelligence and robotics aims to improve its offers. Today, Cardiff uses artificial intelligence to better segment its offer and adapt it to the specific needs of policyholders, thus fitting in the general trend of personalization of services.

Also, the desire to offer truly innovative services has been clearly stated, in particular during the Innorobo trade fair which was held last May in Paris. With solutions that tackle all stages of the customer journey – from awareness-raising in virtual reality, through prevention and driving assistance thanks to connected objects to the declaration of claims via a mobile application – improving the customer experience is at the heart of everyone’s digital efforts.

Cardiff tests artificial intelligence as an emotion analyst

But Cardiff wishes to go further and position itself as a pioneer in terms of customer experience, by offering its policyholders more humane management of their contract. Within the Cardiff Lab ‘, startups like Spoon or Another Brain are working to analyze emotions and react to them in a “human” way.

For Cardiff, this measure aims to improve the value chain by reducing claims handling times. It also helps refocus employees on their core business and expertise. What might seem like a superfluous measure at first glance is an investment which should pay off for Cardiff insofar as it should guarantee or even improve the customer experience. Indeed, a robot advisor will be able to understand the emotional state of a customer and provide an appropriate response.

For example, following a car accident, the robot can adapt the tone of its response to be more empathetic. At the same time, he can initiate the declaration and investigation of the claim. The insured will not have to make one or more calls to a call center, which often consists more in reassuring the customer than in providing technical background. Thus, the customer will be satisfied with the responsiveness of his insurer and the speed of management. Instead of being annoyed by an automatic response, clearly robotic, he will on the contrary feel understood and accompanied.

Artificial intelligence, the collaborator of tomorrow?

At a time when the fear of seeing men replaced by machines is spreading like wildfire, this innovation could frighten more than one! But far from wanting to replace employees, artificial intelligence is, on the contrary, a tool at the service of the latter. It makes it possible to prune the tasks with the least added value and to facilitate their high-value actions, by providing them with a group of indicators allowing them to better know their customer to adapt the offer, manage their contracts quickly according to their preferences and on his favorite channel and, in the future, know his emotional state to adapt his speech to finally, always save a little more time …  


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