Benefits of Thai massage and what you need to be aware of?

Are you looking Thai massage?

Know the difference, Thai massage, oil massage, compress massage, benefits of massage and what should be careful to massage safely. Massage makes people feel comfortable and relaxed. You might have enjoyed the massage once in your life, if not, then try once.

In Thailand, massage has been inscribed since the old period. Is the science and art of treating Thai diseases to restore and maintain the musculoskeletal and related systems Massage learners need to know anatomy and physiology as a fundamental subject? Thus hiring Bandra Escorts and making the treatment or alleviating symptoms more effective and safer.

Thai Massage – Oil Massage, how are they different?

Thai massage focuses on the use of fingers to press points along the contour of the body. Focus on treatment To force the blood and wind from the aorta location (Gate opening) sent to raise various end organs As for the oil massage, it uses natural essential oils to stimulate various body systems, most of which focus on relaxation. Relieve fatigue Muscle aches Used to massage the palm of the hand.

What oils are used for massage?

Most of them prefer to use massage oils extracted from nature, such as from aromatic plants. Helps to relax, such as lavender, bergamot, lemongrass, orange zest or scent from eucalyptus. You may be able to use coconut oil, sesame oil, or olive oil instead. But has a relatively high price

If not comfortable, use natural oils. Or used and have allergies Recommend using baby oil instead, which is easy to find, safe and gentle on sensitive skin.  The various oils have similar properties including it helps reduce friction on the skin when massage.

Is massage necessary for a hot compress?

Massage doesn’t always have to be done in conjunction with a hot compress. But if compress as well, the heat will help to reduce the symptoms of fatigue and to loosen the muscles as well. You can apply a hot compress before or after the massage.

If compress before massage will help the muscles to relax do not put much weight on the massage thus reducing the sore throat the compress after the massage. In addition to helping reduce symptoms it can also help you feel relaxed. If unable to find compress you can also use a cloth moistened with warm water to compress instead.

When the massage is noisy! Is it dangerous?

Massage will make the blood and air flow in the body easier. Like a bone arrangement may cause a loud sound according to various verses. It is not dangerous, but it should not be twisted or twisted until it makes noise. (Like a finger fracture) because it may cause a loose joint. Because the skin of the bones rub against each other and if the bones are spontaneous often should consult a doctor to determine the exact cause.

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