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Operate clear of swimmers and other water users. Keep well awayfrom rocks and buoys. If there are specially designated areas forwater-skiers, use them.Mark the take-off and landing points clearly in the water to warn swimmers.Give the skier a steady take off. Wait for this or her signaland have the observer check that the ski tips are above the waterbefore starting off.Turn in wide, gradual arcs. If the skier falls, turn immediatelyto pick him or her up. Cut the engine as you help the skier intotheboat.Never operate the boat while sitting on the side or behind thedriving seat. Always sit in the driving seat and watch carefully forobstacles ahead.Skiers have a responsibility to themselves and to other waterusers. They must make all signals to the driver clear and must signalwith clarity after a fall that they are well, asics asics mens running shoes ireland either by raising an armor by raising a ski.A water-skier must be a competent swimmer. Never go out after drinking, eating a large meal, or asics asics shoes online ireland when tired or cold.Before starting, check all the equipment. Look for loosebindings, splinters, sharp pieces of metal, asics asics womens running shoes ireland or a frayed rope. Waituntil the ski tips are up and asics asics onitsuka tiger ireland the rope is taut before signaling to theboat to start.Both skiers and boat passengers should wear a life jacket at alltimes. The boat should be equipped with spare life jackets and lifebuoys. Clothing should suit the weather conditions. One can suffersunburn on a day that seems overcast or get chilled on a day that seemsmild.Watch the water ahead all the time. If you feel yourselffalling, curl up into a ball to stop yourself from falling forward. Letgo of the rope the moment you feel yourself going. Retrieve the skis assoon as possible. They are buoyant and can help you to float.When coming in to land, run parallel to the shore and travelslowly. Never attempt to come directly into the shore at high speed. Ifin doubt, make another run.Never warp the rope around a hand or wrist. Hold onto the bridgeat the end of the rope with the fingers; never loop it over a foot,elbow, or any other part of the body.Ski in daylight hours only and never ski in unfamiliar or shallow water.

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