8 Simple Steps to Follow to Take Care of Your Skin

Sometimes it gets very difficult for people to follow a strict skincare routine. Either they do not have a fixed schedule to execute the process of skin cleaning or some people do not care enough. We are so entangled in our daily lives that we forget to take care of ourselves and give attention to everything other than our skin. This is more problematic for people who have sensitive skin or live in cities where the amount of pollution and dust is always reaching a new high. But know that taking good care of your skin and giving it time and attention is also very important, otherwise, our skin will gradually lose its lustre to develop wrinkles and fine lines before age.

Other than this if you are suffering from problems like acne, black spot, patchy or rough skin, we have a few quick remedies for you to follow. The remedies for people with sensitive skin are mentioned below, have a glance at the basic skincare routine you need to follow to keep your skin as healthy and glowing as ever. You do not want your skin to look dull and patchy, do you?

#8 Steps to Healthy Skin!

1. Wash your face

Firstly, you start your daily skincare routine by washing your face gently in the morning after waking up. While we are fast asleep at night dust tends to settle on our face and by morning it can clog our skin pores if not washed off properly. This can get worse if you have oily skin. Try and wash your face twice a day, both morning and night. If you are someone who goes out regularly, it is all the more important for you to thoroughly clean your face after returning home.

Depending on the type of your skin, you can choose to use a foaming face wash or facial cleanser over assorted cream-based or loon cleansers. It is believed that foaming cleansers generally do a better job in washing away excess oil or dirt that has settled on your face during the day and tends to leave your skin with a fresh and clean feel.

If you work out or visit the gym regularly, you are advised to properly cleanse your face and body(body breakouts are common for you) after you have sweat profusely. Sweating attracts dust and tends to clog your body pores if not washed off immediately, it can also initiate breakouts and cause a kind of acne known as acne mechanica. Also, make sure to wear safety gloves while heading out to live a germ-free life.

2. Remove makeup

Who does not like decking themselves up in good makeup? We all like the tinted colour of foundation, we all prefer to experiment with our lip shades and we all love to decorate our eyes with smokey colours. But what we do not like is the advent of pimples or blackheads caused by not removing your makeup on time. It is a very common habit in many of us that we return from a party late at night and sleep with our makeup on because we are too exhausted to take it all off.

When the makeup stays on your face overnight it acts upon your sensitive skin and causes it harm, which is sometimes beyond repair. To avoid any kind of damage to your beautiful skin, make sure you clean off all the makeup that is on your face before going to bed. Whenever you find your skin acting up due to the application of makeup, try and reduce the use of excess makeup, specifically oil-based foundations or primers. Opt for water-based cosmetics if your skin cannot adapt to oil-based ones.

Another important thing to know is that please do not forget to clean off all your make-up from your face before you hit the bed at night. To clean off your make up, always go for a branded and certified cleanser to gently remove all that make-up. Wash your face with a little lukewarm water and you are ready to hit the bed!

 3. Use a scrubber

For people above the age of twenty-five, scrubbing twice a week becomes mandatory if your skin is oily or if you come in contact with dust regularly. One of the most undervalued but useful advice nevertheless. Hardly anyone will recommend you to gently scrub your skin twice a week, for people who have oily skin living and who are living in metro cities, it is all the more important for you to use a good scrubber twice a week because the oil on your face will absorb dust causing your skin to lose its glow.

It also clogs your skin pores if not acted on time. Please know that you must keep your skin clean at all times and for this, you need a mild sulphate-free scrubber from a trusted brand to get rid of the invisible dirt on your face. Exfoliate the dirt once a week with a recommended skin scrubber from a trusted brand. Also, be gentle while you apply the scrub to your skin. Do not be rough or harsh with it.

Exfoliating your skin twice a week is one of the most important aspects of deep-cleaning your skin. The process of scrubbing does not only helps to scrub off the excess oil or stagnant dirt from your face (and body, if you have applied), but it also helps in clearing off dead skin cells, extensively clean all your clogged pores, especially those regions which are vulnerable and constantly exposed to the formation of whiteheads and blackheads, such as, the area of your nose and chin.

Make sure you only use a mild scrubber and gently scrub your skin. You do not want your skin to end up rough or scaly, do you? You can use your scrubber once or twice a week. However, know that repetitive and rough scrubbing might cause the skin to grow rough or it might develop a burning sensation. If you face any such problem, abort scrubbing and consult a doctor if the situation worsens.

4. Use toners and serums

Another undervalued skin treatment is using a toner that suits your skin. Toner functions not only to revive the dead skin cells present on your skin but also helps to gain back the lost glow on your face. One of the primary things that your skin needs regularly is proper toning before going to bed preferably. It is recommended to all you beautiful people to use a toner or a skin softener to bless your skin with a finished smooth touch and also help in balancing its pH levels from rising. For those of you who have oily skin, toners are a blessing for you in disguise. For those who have dry skin, you are recommended to try a softener to keep your skin from losing its moisture. Toners primarily function to tone your skin and give it the required amount of pH to prevent rough textures.

Face serum is another very important liquid that functions best if applied at night. If you did not know this already, night serums are known to address and solve various skin problems such as acne, pimple mark, tanning, etc.

You can choose to apply a pea-sized amount of serum evenly on all the problem creating areas of your skin and let it rest on your skin for the rest of the night.  Depending on the texture of your skin(oily or dry), you can add to this skincare routine by choosing to apply a formula mask that contains activated retinoids or any serum from a renowned brand that serves to hydrate or firms the exterior of your skin. Serums are also known to help in moisturising the skin, protecting it from developing dark patches visible on the surface.

5. Moisturise your skin

No matter what your skin type is, moisturizing your skin regularly is one of the fundamentals of a skincare routine and cannot be sacrificed at any cost. It is a common misconception that people have says that people with oily skin should not moisturize their skin or use any homemade product which helps in moisturization. Do not believe in such myths. Our skin needs to stay hydrated twenty-four hours a day because the pollution and dust outside our houses tend to absorb the moisture present on the surface of our skin, resulting in our skin looking dull and tanned.

If you are someone who does not get enough time during the day or in the morning to apply I was to rising lotion on their skin, you can also choose to opt for a night cream before you crash on your bed. This process of moisturising your skin regularly will help your skin to regain its lost glow due to the dirt outside. Moisturizing your skin at night is best because these are the only hours of undisturbed sleep you will receive for skin revival. Please note that the moisturizer you are using is different for your face and body. Do not apply body lotions to your face, they do not function the same. Always use skin products from a trustworthy brand recommended by someone you trust.

6. Wear a sunscreen

Wearing sunscreen is like carrying a shield to bard off the harmful rays of the sun. Above everything, it is the world outside from which you need to protect your skin the most. No products or sorted home remedies will work unless you guard your skin against the settling of dust pollutants from the outside. Remember, whenever you are stepping out of your house, try and make it a habit to evenly apply sunscreen on your exposed skin which is at least SPF 30. The sunscreen will not only act as a shield on your skin, but it will also guard your skin from the invasion of any deadly skin diseases.

Experts suggest that you should use a sunscreen that contains small amounts of titanium or zinc oxide. These chemicals present in your sunscreen will help you to block the breakout of pimples or acne after staying outside for a long time.

To further enhance the functioning of your sunscreen, you can also choose to wear a water-based moisturizer along with your sunscreen. This helps the sunscreen to not dry up and stick to your face or peel off on a humid day and cause discomfort or any kind of irritability. However, if your skin starts to react to it and the discomfort increases, stop mixing the two.

7. Apply home-made face packs

A homemade face pack can be very beneficial if your skin is sensitive and you do not want to risk using a chemical face mask on your skin. Homemade face masks do not generally have any known side effects and are healthy to use. You can make your face mask by understanding the true nature and requirements of your skin. For example, if you have dry skin you can choose to apply curd to your face.

If you have oily skin which is prone to blackheads and acne you, can choose to apply aloe vera gel evenly across your face and neck. No matter what your skin type is, a face mask will not hamper the quality of your skin, instead, give it will give your skin the required care. Applying besan with a pinch of Haldi(turmeric powder) in a small amount of milk is another very useful thing for the nourishment of your skin. It helps in reducing tan from your skin. Talking about tans, you can also choose to apply raw tomato on your face and exposed skin to get rid of tanning.

Sometimes scrubbing raw lemon also helps in shedding the tan. If your skin is prone to blackheads and whiteheads and tends to attract dust a lot, try applying honey with a pinch of lemon on your face evenly. Let it dry for fifteen minutes then peel it off the mask. Honey is an excellent absorber of dirt and also helps in removing dead cells from the surface of your skin. You can also scrub your face with raw cucumber to hydrate its surface and give your skin a cooling effect.

8. Drink water

One of the primary and most important skincare routines is drinking an ample amount of water every day. Nothing will help you regain your lost lustre if you do not drink enough water every day and timely.  Applying any product or cream or homemade paste will prove to be futile if your skin is dehydrated. It is required by women to at least drink eleven glasses of water every day and for men, it is widely 15 glasses of water if you are travelling outside carry with yourself a small water bottle if you do not like carrying stuff with you. If your body is deprived of water, your skin will soon start to show fine lines and early signs of wrinkles. You do not want that, do you?

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