11 Best Ways Of Searching a Job Online

Are you searching for a job online? If yes, then this article is for you. If you want to know what to search for and where to search for a job on the internet, then you are on the right platform. There are multiple sites and platforms which are known for their job providing abilities. Renowned companies file the list of criteria on these websites to become their employee. If you think you match their abilities, then you can surely apply to those companies.

These websites have millions of companies registered that are in search of employees. Remember, these jobs can make your work online. To work online, you will be needing the Best Remote Desktop Softwares and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure(VDI), so be prepared with them also.

The article will point on some of the websites, platforms where you can easily figure out what to search for to find a job online. Let’s start.

The Best Platforms to Know What To Search For To Find A Job Online

This section will cover some of the best platforms to figure out what to search for to find a job online. See, finding a job online is seriously not an easy task until you have any magnificent skill. You can apply and list your CV or resume on all of these below-mentioned platforms.

  • Networking
  • Employers
  • LinkedIn
  • Social Media
  • Classified Ads
  • Recruiters and Headhunters
  • Job Boards and Google
  • Google
  • Alumni Groups
  • Personal SEO
  • Online Job search support group

Here is a brief description of these job offering platforms.

1. Networking

Well, yes you might not want to become a marketer but it is one of the quickest ways to a new job. Networking is not about attending seminars and investing money. It is about making connections with new people and staying in touch with the people you know.  There are certain companies who like to hire someone known to a current employee and not any random guy from the street. So, basically, if any of your friends give your referral to the company then it will become easy for you to grab this job opportunity. The more people you know, the more the chances of your job increase.

This is a very simple technique to grab the job. Connecting with the targeted people can be a very effective method to get hired in a big company and in the desired role. According to stats, your chance to be hired increases by 5x if your friend gives your referral.

2. Keeping a list of Employers

If you are in search of a job, then developing a list of targeted employers can be the key to your lock. Keeping a list of employers who are in your niche can increase your percentage to get hired by almost 10%. Remember to keep a list of only those employers who are matching within your criteria list. Certain companies upload the list of criteria to hire employees. Make a list of all of these hiring companies and then start applying one by one starting from the best one. You will be more effective in interviews when you have researched your targeted employers.

3. LinkedIn

It is one of the biggest social media platforms on which you can upload all your achievements, your CV or resume, and your certificates. The social media platform has paved its way to become one of the most powerful and effective professional networks to seek jobs. There are certain groups, where the company shares its needs. You can join those groups easily and free of cost. The best part about LinkedIn is that you can easily search the companies according to your niche and work form. You can target a particular audience by using particular hashtags and including a particular keyword.

LinkedIn can also work as a platform where you can hire a person according to your needs or join people in your start-up. There is a particular section of job postings where companies file the list of criteria they desire to find in their employee. On LinkedIn, you can also connect to your previous co-workers, schoolmates, and other alumni. LinkedIn has come along very far away from where it has started. LinkedIn also gives you the much-needed starting push to embrace your career.

4. Social Media

Social Media is one of the most powerful tools in today’s modern world to grab any job opportunity. But, if social media is handled without concern, then it can also hamper your reputation which can ruin your chances to grab any job opportunity. Facebook page is one of the biggest sources of job searches after LinkedIn. You can directly get enrolled in the job by filing the application. Do not forget to add catchy, related, and to-the-point hashtags to your post. It will increase the reach of your post which includes your resume. Twitter is also known for providing a good platform for job seekers. There are Twitter accounts and clubs that are only active to provide job opportunities.

5. Classified Ads

You can also run ads on various social media and search engines to grab any ‘in your niche’ job opportunity. Sites like Craigslist.org are very effective to provide jobs, running ads on these websites has a high percentage of returns. No matter where you are living, it only depends on your areas of perfection and skills which you can give to the company which will hire you. You can also run ads on search engines like Bing, and Google but there you will not get enough reach. These ads obviously require a small amount of investment. People who want to hire any employee come to these sites and look for their areas of interest. If you are searching for any local job opportunity, then you can also post the classified ads in the local newspapers. It will readily increase the reach of your resume.

6. Recruiters and HeadHunters

There are various types of recruiters present down on the internet. If you are searching for a job online, then there is no harm in contacting these traffic cops called recruiters. Different kinds of recruiters are corporate recruiters, staffing recruiters, headhunter recruiters, and many more. They are the people who work for employers. Their work is to find effective people at a low cost. They are not working for job seekers. Although they will pay you low in starting, the pay may increase according to the skills persisting in you.

7.  Job Boards and Google

Google also comes in the list of one of the most recruiters on the internet. It helps people to find a job through an online search result. You can directly type “Jobs near me” and the companies who are finding employees will reach out to you. This is one of the easiest ways to find a job online. You need not search for anything on the internet again. Although it is the easiest method to find a job, there is one disadvantage to this method. It is difficult to find jobs in your niche in your local area by just typing. You can also miss out on any other better job opportunity because you never reached out to them.

Another job offering platform on the board is Job Board. It is not that effective now as it used to be. The reason behind this particular circumstance is that now there are too many people finding jobs there and fewer people hiring. It is absolutely free and this also becomes the reason behind this much traffic on the Job Board. There are almost 250 competitors fighting for only one job. It is not that it is absolutely a waste, but until you have mentioned your qualifications clearly, it will be difficult for you to grab a job from here. Also, be cautious of scammers and frauds on Job Boards.

8. Google

According to one of the algorithms in Google, you can easily find a job here. Google has many hidden talents which you just need to explore. There are many postings on Google that are waiting for you to apply. You just need some patience and skill.

9. Alumni Groups

Talk to your alumni from your college. No matter if they aren’t able to provide you with a job, they will tell you the real-life experience on what to search for to find a job online. Most of your alumni might have also gone through the same phase once in their life after college. Talk to them, interact with them. They might be the destiny creator of your job. If any of your alumni contacted any company, go connect with that company. Find every solution that can help you to get a job.

10.  Personal SEO

You can use the right keyword for yourself and get ranked on various search engines in one go. Learn from any digital marketing expert or take a digital marketing course from any online platform. If you can rank your personal resume, then you can also rank any keyword. Who knows, you can also continue your future in this digital marketing because it is one of the biggest growing networks around the world. People are finding various job opportunities on the internet. Do not think that you are only desperate to work for any company; employers are also desperate to hire you. Build your own personal SEO, and get searched easily which will increase your percentage to get hired.

11. Online Job search support group

You can also start your own online job search support group. Allow every job seeker to be a member of that group. Discuss every job opportunity which is available in every niche and post it inside the group. This way you can also give encouragement to the other job seeker. You can visit the company’s websites and research if the company is in need of a recruiter or not. Don’t go everywhere. Just streamline your research in one area and surely you will get a job.

Well, there were some platforms where you figure out what to search for to find a job online. But, on a serious note, be careful out there. In today’s modern world, people are using the skills of another person without paying them anything. Be careful; ask for the company’s reference, research about the company or institution patiently. Do not share your bank account details with the company, also deny the request if they ask any from you. Be safe from online frauds. And, be patient. As mentioned above, searching for a job online isn’t a simple task. All the best for the future.






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