10+ Mehendi Tattoos Ideas For The Grooms To Be

Mehendi has always been a very important part of Indian weddings. Not only brides but the family members, guests, and even the groom apply beautiful designs of mehendi on their hands for the special occasion.

The ritual of the groom applying mehendi on his hand is an age-old one. This tradition continues to date and we must say that these grooms look adorable with that henna tattoos on their palms.

However, when it comes to grooms, deciding on a henna design is tougher as compared to the brides. Brides don’t need to worry about the design being too much or anything like that. But grooms have to see that the mehendi design they picked up is not too heavy or too girly or one that won’t suit them in the final wedding look. After all, the wedding day is the most special day of a person’s life.

Indian brides, in fact, love to cover their arms with heavy traditional mehendi designs. They feel like such designs would enhance their overall bridal look. But, the scenario is not the same with the grooms. They search for a simple and minimalistic henna tattoo design that would just do the work.

So, if you are also a soon groom to be and are looking for a minimalistic stylish mehendi tattoo, here we bring some of the finest mehendi tattoo designs for men. We are sure that you will love these simple yet classy designs!

1. The simple mandala!

Mandala designs have always been a very essential mehendi design. In the bridal mehendi designs as well, mandala art is used a lot. The mandala art and details enhance the beauty of a mehendi pattern.

Mandala gives a very traditional look to the mehendi design. It is also an amazing option for the groom’s henna tattoo designs. Even a small mandala flower or circle would do your work and will look splendidly beautiful. You can also match it with your son to be your wife. Ask her to get a similar mandala pattern on either front or the back of her hand.

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2. Write that special one’s name on it!

Another very amazing and adorable henna tattoo design for the groom is to write the name of your special one with minimalistic or no design.

This design would not only look good on your hand but will also make your bride really very happy and excited. Such name mehendi patterns look very adorable and are the perfect match for those who want very minimalistic mehendi.

You can also get a mehendi tattoo of a nickname of you and your bride’s name joined together. Also, these days wedding hashtags have become a new and trendy thing. So, if you have a hashtag decided for your wedding then you can also get it written on your hands.

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3. Lord Ganesha!

We Indians begin all our auspicious work or journeys by taking the name of the lord Ganesha. According to the Indian culture, it is believed that when you take lord Ganesha’s name before beginning any work, the work becomes very successful.

So why not begin this new journey of your life as a married man with the blessings of Lord Ganesha? Get a mehendi tattoo of lord Ganesha on your hand. It can be just a small face of the deity or the whole figure. This mehendi tattoo design looks very magnificent and gives you traditional vibes. It is an amazing option if you are someone who believes a lot in god and his blessings.

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4. Just the initials!

This is yet another very simple groom’s mehendi tattoo pattern. If you think that the names are also too much and you need something even more minimalistic, then go with the initial mehendi design.

Just get the initial of your wife to be named tattooed with henna on your palm and you are good to go. You can also decorate the initial with flowers, leaves, or any other henna designs. This mehendi pattern also looks very classy and is going to be very minimalistic.

Now again, instead of just the initials of your bride-to-be, you can get the initials of both of you on your hand.

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5. Tell out loud!

So now that you are finally getting married, tell that out by getting this very quirky mehendi style which has ‘I am taken’ written on it.

This is the perfect way to announce that you have the decision of spending your rest of the life with someone special. It is as minimum as it can be and looks very unique and stylish.

6. Portrait mehendi

This mehendi pattern is very much in trend in the bridal mehendi section as well. The brides love it and so do the grooms.

Get a henna portrait made on your hands. The portrait could be of anyone. Our most favorite is the bride and groom’s image portrait. It looks very stunning. Except it, you can get a portrait of your parents, any god that you believe in, your family, friends, pet, or just your better half. The choice is all yours.

7. Flaunt that full hand in henna!

Even though most of the grooms don’t like to get full-covered loaded mehendi designs, there are a few of them who aren’t shy to carry that off. moreover, the full hand traditional mehendi does look the best. After all, it is your wedding day. There should be as much drama in your overall wedding day look as possible and a full-hand traditional mehendi design provides that drama. It looks fabulous.

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8. Just the fingers!

This design is for those who not only want to have a minimalist mehendi look but also don’t like the mehendi design on their palms.

Just get some pretty mehendi designs on your fingers and you will rock the look. Just fingers adorned with henna also look wonderful. This is a very trendy option for the grooms.

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9. Geometric patterns

Geometric patterns in mehendi designs look very neat and satisfying to the eyes. Such designs have always been a part of the groom Mehendi trends because of the marvelous look they provide. A geometric pattern can be a combination of lines, circles, squares, triangles, or even hearts here and there. The geometric shapes are often filled with pretty henna designs which make the overall mehendi hands look graceful.

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10. Backhand henna!

Some grooms like to show off their mehendi decorated hands. It is like a proud moment for them to be the groom of their lovely bride and hence want to enjoy each and every thing related to it.

If you belong to such a groom list, then opt for a mehendi design that covers the back portion of your hand. It is a good option as the back portion of your palm is revealed more than the front one. So, if you get mehndi done on the back of your hand, it would be visible to everyone and will also be captured easily in your wedding pictures.

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11. Get the man’s side out!

So most of the men have some crush on a particular comic, superhero, or cartoon character. If you also have such a liking towards any comic character or a superhero and you are feeling henna is a too girly task, combine your liking with it. Get the logo or photo of your favorite superhero or comic character designed with henna on your hands and you will be rocking it.

12. Forearm mehndi designs

Another amazing idea is to ditch the regular palm mehendi patterns and pick up a forearm mehendi design. It looks just like a tattoo if you get a tattoo-type design. A forearm mehendi on the groom looks very stylish and eye-catching. We are sure that if you go in front of your bride to be with a forearm tattoo, she will definitely fall for you once again.

Also, such mehendi tattoo designs look very trendy and cool in other wedding functions as well. For example, on your sangeet just pick up a nice kurta pajama with a stylish pair of Punjabi juttis, and you are done. The overall look is going to be very dashing.

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