10 Best Sri Lankan Places to visit

A perfect place to visit is the splendid tea-gardens, golden beaches, the chirpy setting, the emerald forests, and the sunny and relaxing spots in Sri Lanka. That’s all! This island is one of the top tourist destinations, with no lack of awe-inspiring sights to hold ‘ALWAYS’ in high spirit. A time of lots of serendipity awaits you in Sri Lanka, and if you haven’t yet come here, you don’t have to waste the time. Complete the blank space in your traffic jacket list in Sri Lanka where you want to put a life-long, warm, exotic travel destination. After you’ve done so, schedule your trip and see our blog to find out the places you need to visit during your Sri Lankan holiday.


  1. Colombo


You put your feet first, so why not talk about the brilliance of this capital. Colombo welcomes all the foreign tourists, and staying here will not be an inconvenience. The town has good transport, fresh cafés, and well-kept hotels. It’s also a perfect place to enjoy drinks and music in the vibrant atmosphere of the nightlife of the area. Check out a couple of parties and casinos for a night’s fun and visit the Galle Face Green promenade. You will probably appreciate a walk on the beach early in the morning.


  1. Nuwara Eliya


Nuwara Eliya, an antidote for tourists who want to avoid the coastal sun, is a charming and calming hill destination. The atmosphere is like a typical English village with bungalows from the colonial period, well kept heckles and tidy gardens. The land full of picturesque countryside certainly is a must to visit to detoxify your senses from the unforgettable city life. You should relax and visit the formidable golf courses while you’re here among the rugged hills and luscious tea garden.


  1. Kandy


Kandy is one of the most famous places to visit and is home to amazing views, tea grounds, and spice gardens. Sri Lanka’s greatest gem. The place is adorned with luxuriant greenery and has a mild environment that makes it a romantic holiday. These attractions are well known for their Tooth Temple and Esala Perahéra.


  1. Mirissa


In Mirissa in Sri Lanka, what seemed to be a remote dream vacation in a tropical paradise. Located in the southern tip of the countryside, the splendid nightlife and palm-border shores charms every tourist. Some of the best beaches and coffee shops in Mirissa are swarmed by visitors. Furthermore, it is a great place to rest and relax and the best part of Mirissa is to visit the ocean watching whales and dolphins. During your visit here, you can also visit other sites if there is no way to enjoy sunbathing or relaxing.


  1. Arugam Bay


This place is rightly known as a small town for surfers on the South-East Coast of Lanka. Arugam Bay has a variety of surf hubs, with Whiskey Point, Peanut Farm, Pottuvil Point, Elephant Rock, and Okanda as the famous surf hubs. It’s a soft beach, peaceful sea, attractive palm trees, and riveting ambiance, which also makes it one of Sri Lanka’s most beautiful places to visit. This is one of the best surf tourist destinations in Sri Lanka and has many other activities to accompany non-surfers.


  1. Polonnaruwa


The ancient and cultural city of Polonnaruwa exhibits Sri Lanka’s earlier culture. The royal palace complex is situated in the middle of the city and it is a sacred building with the finest remains of Polonnaruwa. This region conserves a mixture of old buildings, such as tombs, churches, statues, and stupas. Polonnaruwa is therefore known as one of Sri Lanka’s best places for a visit if you love history and enjoy every second walk among the ruins. 


  1. Galle


Galle is one of the finest destinations to visit in Sri Lanka. Located in the south of the island, it has a tropical climate suitable for a break. This fortified town is surrounded by colonial Netherlands buildings and is decorated by the rest of the European fortress. Indeed, Galle is a known destination in Asia for heritage.


  1. Anuradhapura


The center of Theravada Buddhism was once another well-preserved site, Anuradhapura. Anuradhapura is undoubtedly the best historical place to visit in Sri Lanka and it is certainly an overwhelming experience, decorated with sheer history riches and monasteries crowned with monks. The city has an extensive array of archaeological and architectural sites covering an area of over 16 km.


  1. Hikkaduwa


If you are looking for a travel guide for a sunrise, relaxation, or day trip to simply meditate on, party in the night, it will take you to Hikkaduwa. Another treasure Sri Lanka has is this spot, which has a hippy hangout feel. It is known as a surfing and party destination and throngs wild crowds particularly during the Hikkaduwa Beach Fest, a night-long party that is a party with international DJs. Typically every July/August this three-day beach party takes place.


  1. Ella


Feel young and satisfied here in Ella because it is surrounded by attractive hills and sparkling woodlands. This is considered one of the best tourist destinations in Sri Lanka, well suited for relaxing and restoring love. Ella is blanketed in luxuriant tea gardens that give a perfect place to walk along with the greens with a view of the mountains.


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